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Xi Jinping urges development of military hardware

(Source:   2014-12-08

  Chinese President Xi Jinping has urged accelerating development of military hardware to help build a strong army.

  In a two-day military conference held in Beijing form Wednesday to Thursday, President Xi said advanced weaponry is one of the signs of a modern army, and is crucial for national security and rejuvenation.

  The Chinese President also said that building hardware should be information-led, and weapon quality should be ensured. He noted that the country's military hardware is now in a period of strategic and rapid development, and strong, modern equipment plays an irreplaceable role for the full realization of the Chinese Dream.President Xi called for military officers at all levels to play a leading role, and use actual combat to guide soldiers to improve their capacity to operate weapons.

  Xi, who also serves as chairman of the Central Military Commission, said China's ambition for a strong military works as a guideline for the country's defense and military equipment modernization process.

Editor:Zhang Tao
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