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China: Military parade not aimed at any country

(Source: CCTV.com)   2015-08-28


  China says its upcoming September 3rd military parade is part of commemorations for the 70th anniversary of its victory in the war of resistance against Japanese aggression, and is not specifically aimed at any country. The remarks were made at the Chinese Defense Ministry's regular press briefing, in response to questions about Japan's absence from the parade. The ministry spokesman Yang Yujun insisted that the event has nothing to do with the China-Japan relations.

  "We have repeatedly stressed that the parade is part of the commemoration of 70th anniversary on the victory of resistance against Japanese aggression and the anti-fascist war. Its aim is to remember history, recall the martyrs, cherish the peace and pave the way for the future. It is not specifically aimed at any country, not aimed at Japan or the Japanese people, and has nothing to do with the China-Japan relations," Yang said.

  "As you can see, delegates from many countries will attend the parade. This shows that the commemoration of the anti-fascist war is an international activity. China is willing to work closely with the international community to maintain justice, and contribute to world peace, security and stability."

Editor:Chen Jie
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