Argentine ambassador confident that China will continue to plan for prosperity

China Daily
Zhang Tao

Argentine Ambassador Diego Ramiro Guelar said he expected China to be supremely capable in planning for the benefit of its people, while fully considering its international responsibility during the upcoming two sessions.

He told China Daily, in a written interview, that the two sessions are an example of the diversity and complexity of the Chinese leadership, and a meeting gathering five thousand NPC delegates and CPPCC members from all walks of life, including economists, academics and artists, has enormous potential.

"I think that, once again, China will show, to both the ambassadors posted here and the world itself, a great capacity to plan for the benefit of its people. But this opportunity will happen within a new scenario,’’ where China fully realizes the potential for its international role, he said.

According to Guelar, last year was crucial for both China and the international system, because China has become a powerful state that actively participates in the most pressing global issues.

"A clear example is the environmental matter: a few years ago, China was globally perceived as trying to avoid facing the problem, while, currently, the country has become one of the leaders in this field," he said.

The ambassador thinks one of the main challenges for the Chinese government in 2017 is to ensure that the world fully understands the political and economic processes that are taking place in China.

"Therefore, policies focused on both communication and culture are crucial," he said.


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