About Road Patrol contest

Li Jiayao

Team (9 persons max)

Team chief

Team leader

Competitors – 3 persons

Maintenance (coaching) group – 4 persons


Military technical relay race teams and participants

Competition among specialists:

- Traffic regulation

- Steering control endfloat measurement

- Extreme driving


VAZ automobiles


1. The time starts counting from the start of the car.

2. The transfer of the relay to the next participant is carried out by the transfer of the baton of the regulator.

3. The time count stops at the finish of the third participant after exiting the car and lifting the traffic baton up.


1. Platform at the start to check the serviceability of external light devices in an organoleptic way.

2. Performing the shooting exercise from the pistol "Shooting in different ways at the emerging target during the movement" and the submachine gun "Shooting from a place at a moving target from different positions".

3. A platform for extinguishing a fire that has arisen as a result of a conditional accident.

4. A platform for first aid to the injured as a result of a conditional road traffic accident.


Violation of safety requirements.

Incorrect (incomplete) use of external light devices, their malfunction.

Incorrect execution of signals of the captain of the team.

Violation of the use of seat belts during the movement of the car.

Incomplete execution of the exercise element.

Touching (hitting, knocking) of limiters (cones).

Rolling back when overcoming obstacles by more than 10 cm.

Damage to paintwork. Deviation from the specified route.

Departure outside the roadway and artificial obstacles.

Temporary loss of control of the car, resulting in the drift (demolition) of the car, except for cases of drift (demolition), necessary for high-speed cornering.

Going beyond the bounds of the route.

Rides on obstacles (stumps, stones, trees, etc.)

Low results when shooting.

Violation of shooting conditions.

Incorrect (incomplete) implementation of the list of first aid activities.

Stop of the car when overcoming obstacles.


Distance –about 3 kilometers





The participant must demonstrate knowledge and the correct procedure for the practical implementation of the list of signals for traffic control at the command of the judge, the technique (mastery) of possession of the baton, the execution of the signals of the regulator and the observance of personal safety measures in the regulation of traffic.


Violation of the form of clothing. Violation of personal safety measures at the exit to the intersection and care. Non-observance of the signal "Attention" when changing the position of the controller or when changing the signal of the controller (in cases when the execution of the signal "Attention" is mandatory). Incorrect (incomplete) execution of the referee's team.




The participant must measure the total backlash of the steering control of the vehicle using a gauge. The measurement is carried out by one participant by three measurements of the total backlash of the steering and the determination of the average value. The measurement is deemed to be completed after displaying on the instrument gauge the mean play of the steering. The test is performed on time. It is allowed to use the meter of the total play of the steering control produced by the participating countries.


In case of violation of the order (sequence) or incorrect (incomplete) measurement of the value of the total play of the steering control of the car, the participant is awarded 0 points.




The participant demonstrates extreme driving with the execution of elements of counter-accident training.


The dipped headlights are not engaged. Violation of security requirements for the execution of the element. Inability to choose the engine operating mode and transmission, corresponding to road conditions. Damage to car paintwork. Breakdown of the car. Controlling the car by a participant with a non-fastened seat belt. Temporary loss of control of the car, resulting in the drift (demolition) of the car, except for cases of drift (demolition), necessary for high-speed cornering. Exit the established boundaries of the site. Gripping of columns.


Awarding of winners and prize winners of the Contest with cups and medals, rewarding with valuable gifts of winners in separate nominations is carried out in a solemn atmosphere at the closing ceremony of the Contest. Winners among the teams are awarded: for the first place - with a cup, prize medals and souvenir products; for the second and third places - with prize medals and souvenir products. Winners among the participants in separate categories are awarded with diplomas and souvenir products.


The results of the competition competitions are formalized by the protocol and after approval by the senior referee of the competition are communicated to the teams of the Competition. Winners And prize-winners of competitions and competitions are determined by the results of the Competition. The results of teams and participants are reflected in the rating table. A place In the rating table of the Competition corresponds to the number of points scored (for example: 10 teams (participants) participate, for the first place is accrued 10 points, for the tenth place - 1 point). The team and the participant who showed the best time (who scored the maximum number of points) rank first. The winning team is determined by the general best time for the military-technical relay race and wins in the "Universal Complex" nomination. The nomination "Universal specialist" is awarded to the participant who showed the best individual time in the military-technical relay race. As a result of the second competition in the individual event, the nominations: "Best Regulator", "Best Expert in Technical Supervision", "Best Extremal".


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