About Military Rally contest

Russian Defence Ministry
Li Jiayao

Team (21 persons max)

Team leader Crew of automobile (4х4) – 2 persons.

Crew of truck (4х4) – 2 persons.

Crew of truck (6х6) – 2 persons.

Technical assistance unit – 2 persons

Maintenance assistance unit – 3 persons


1. Individual race

2. Pursuit race

3. Team race


1. Automobile (4х4)

2. Truck (4х4)

3. Truck (6х6)


Distance – 1,100 km. The route is divided into three route stages. The stages are different in terrain and soil.


At the end of each stage of the race the refereeing committee sums up the results and determines the winners and prize-winners of each stage in all categories. The results are registered in the protocol and declared to the participants of the Competition. The winner in the "Individual race" of the rally in each category is the crew of the automobile, who spent the minimum amount of time for the route of the first stage. The winner in the "Race with persecution" in each category is the crew, according to the actual finish in ascending order from the first and above. The winner in the "Team race" is determined by the total minimum time spent by all the crews of the team for the march. The team is the winner in the "Team race", is the winner of the contest "Military rally".


For violation of rules and security measures, as well as violation of the requirements of traffic rules, which caused injury of crew members. This crew is disqualified from the race.


30 MINUTES – for absence of registration of passing the checkpoint. 60 MINUTES – for non-observance of the traffic rules.


Awarding of winners and prize-winners of the contest is conducted in course of the awarding ceremony of the International Army Games.


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