"Baiyun Mountain Regiment" Battle Banner -- A salute to CPVs

China Military Online
Li Wei
2020-10-22 11:13:59

The "Baiyun Mountain Regiment" pennant awarded to the 447th Regiment by the Command and the Political Department of the 50th Army of the Chinese People's Volunteers (CPVs).

The predecessor of the "Baiyun Mountain Regiment" was the 447th Regiment of the 149th Division of the 50th Army of the Chinese People's Volunteers. The 447th Regiment was the only intact infantry regiment on which the Chinese People's Volunteers conferred an honorary title during the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea.

Baiyun Mountain is on the south of the Han River, occupation of the Baiyun Mountain and two mountains on the left and right of it meant the control of the railroad and two highways linking Seoul and Suwon City. So the Baiyun Mountain area was a strategic place the CPV and the UN Forces scrambled for.

On January 25, 1951, under the cover of tanks, warplanes and artillery, two regiments of the US Army’s 25th Division launched an attack on the Baiyun Mountain area defended by the 447th Regiment, 149th Division, 50th Army of the CPV. The 447th regiment fought fiercely with the US troops. The 6th Company of the regiment repelled eight charges launched by the enemy within two days. When the company lost most of its men and had only four soldiers alive on the ground, the four valiant men still stood firmly on the ground with the determination of "defending the position with life." The soldiers that defended No. 261.5 Highland fought fiercely with the enemy for four hours and all died heroically.

The 447th Regiment of the 50th Army of the Chinese People's Volunteers regained the Baiyun Mountain position after five counterattacks.

Within 11 days, the 447th Regiment killed, wounded, and captured more than 1,200 US troops, and completed the mobile defense combat mission with flying colors.


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