Why is the Government Work Report so important?

Chen Zhuo
2021-03-08 10:34:46

- China's government work report is both a report card and a roadmap

- It is a way for the central government to report back to the people and for it to be subject to supervision.

BEIJING, May 24 (Xinhua) --The government work report is one of the highlights of China's Two Sessions.

It is both a report card and a roadmap.

It is a way for the central government to report back to the people and for it to be subject to supervision.

The 10,000-Chinese-character report is translated into different languages, and draws worldwide attention.

Drafting of the report starts at the end of the previous year.

The Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee offers guidance and opinions.

The draft report is based on research and often revised dozens of times.

Symposiums are held to gather advice from academics, entrepreneurs, non-communist parties, and people from all walks of life. Foreign experts are also invited to offer opinions.

The report represents the voices of the people.

It was drafted in plain language and connected to the people.

After hearing the report, NPC deputies will attend panel deliberations on the report.

CPPCC members will hold panel discussions about the report.

Feedback will be sent to the government.

The final report, a result of consensus reaching after being voted through, reflects the will of the country and the people.

2020 Government Work Report

2019 report card:

GDP reached 99.1 trillion yuan (about 13.9 trillion U.S. dollars), up 6.1 percent.

Around 13.52 million new urban jobs added.

Surveyed unemployment rate below 5.3 percent.

Grain output above 650 million metric tons.

Permanent urban residents exceeded 60 percent of the population.

Rural poor population reduced by 11.09 million.

Poverty headcount ratio fell to 0.6 percent.

While continuing to advance epidemic control, China has also promoted economic and social development.

The Chinese economy has shown great resilience and enormous potential.

2020 roadmap:

Give priority to stabilizing employment and ensuring living standards.

Win the battle against poverty.

Achieve the goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all aspects.

Concentrate on ensuring stability on the six fronts and security in the six areas.

Over 9 million new urban jobs.

A registered urban unemployment rate of around 5.5 percent.

CPI increase of around 3.5 percent.

Growth in personal income basically in step with economic growth.

Lift all rural residents living below poverty line out of poverty.

Work for good harvests and growth in rural income.

Boost the consumption of products from poor areas.

Support businesses involved in poverty alleviation.

A more proactive and impactful fiscal policy.

A prudent monetary policy in a more flexible and appropriate way.

The deficit-to-GDP ratio projected at above 3.6 percent.

A deficit increase of one trillion yuan over last year.

One-trillion-yuan government bonds for covid-19 control will be issued.

The two trillion yuan will go straight to prefecture and county governments and directly benefit businesses and people.

Instill confidence in over one hundred million market entities.

Help enterprises, particularly micro, small, and medium businesses, and self-employed individuals get through this challenging time.

Make further tax and fee cuts of about 500 billion yuan.

These measures are expected to see additional savings of over 2.5 trillion yuan for enterprises throughout the year.

Make sure the businesses can sustain themselves and assure success for the future.

Stay committed to opening our door wider to the world.

Make opening up a catalyst for reform and development.

Negative list for foreign investment to be significantly shortened.

A negative list is to be drawn up for cross-border trade in services.

The Chinese nation has never been daunted in the face of difficulties or obstacles, and it will stick to its path and march forward.

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