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Chinese peacekeeping force joins in defense drill at MINUSMA Sector East
The 6th Chinese peacekeeping engineer detachment to Mali together with the other seven nations' peacekeeping detachments conducted a safety defense drill at the Super Camp of the MINUSMA Sector East in Gao on February 15.
02-18 16:28:17
Chinese peacekeeping doctors offer specialty treatment to UNIFIL peacekeepers
Recently a team assigned to the medical detachment of 17th Chinese peacekeeping force to Lebanon provided special medical services to the peacekeepers of the UNIFIL Headquarters as well as the UNIFIL's Sector West.
02-14 17:27:32
Chinese peacekeepers participate in UNIFIL medical drill in Lebanon
The UNIFIL carried out an emergency medical rescue drill codenamed "Sector East Angels 2019-1" on Wednesday along the Blue Line that separates Lebanon and Israel.
02-14 17:22:23
China peacekeeping exhibition launched at UN headquarters
A photo exhibition on China's peacekeeping efforts was launched at the UN headquarters in New York on Feb. 11, 2019.
02-13 10:55:20

Escort Missions

31st Chinese naval escort taskforce deters six suspected pirate boats
The amphibious dock landing ship Kunlunshan (Hull 998) of the 31st Chinese naval escort taskforce successfully deterred six approaching suspected pirate boats during its escorting mission in the Gulf of Aden on January 22nd,ensuring the safety of the merchant ship.
01-25 17:49:59
Chinese naval escort fleet pays friendly visit to Philippines
A Chinese naval escort fleet, composed of three vessels, arrived in Manila on Thursday for a five-day friendly visit to the Philippines, according to the Chinese Navy.
01-18 01:09:14
China's 31st naval escort taskforce accomplishes its first mission
On January 2nd, 2019 (local time), the 31st Chinese naval escort taskforce successfully escorted three foreign ships including the "Hexu Huanle" into the safe zones in western Gulf of Aden .
01-03 18:00:48
Chinese navy sees broadened horizon, enhanced ability through 10 years of escort missions
As of December 24, 2018, the Chinese navy has sent 31 escort fleets, 100 ships, 67 shipborne helicopters and more than 26,000 soldiers to escort more than 6,600 Chinese and foreign ships over the past decade.
01-02 00:21:13

Disaster Relief

China, Vietnam conclude 5th high-level border meeting
The fifth three-day high-level border meeting between Chinese and Vietnamese militaries successfully concluded on Wednesday in Cao Bằng Province in the northeast region of Vietnam.
11-22 17:42:48
China-Vietnam militaries hold joint disaster relief drill in border areas
According to the agenda of the fifth high-level border meeting between Chinese and Vietnamese militaries, a China-Vietnam border area disaster relief joint drill was held in the vicinity of Phục Hòa District of Cao Bằng Province in the northeast region of Vietnam on November 20.
11-21 17:48:07
Sino-American troops share disaster training
The US-China Disaster Management Exchange drew to a close on Saturday in Nanjing, East China's Jiangsu province, after military delegations from both countries trained together in disaster relief work.
11-19 00:50:46
Chinese, U.S. militaries end disaster management exchange in Nanjing
Military personnel from the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) and U.S. Army Pacific (USARPAC) Saturday ended the Disaster Management Exchange 2018 in Nanjing, eastern China's Jiangsu Province.
11-18 00:36:41

Counter Terrorism

"Peace Mission 2018" joint anti-terrorism military exercise kicks off in Russia
The "Peace Mission 2018" joint anti-terrorism military exercise kicked off at the No. 255 training range in Chebarkul, Russia on August 29, 2018 local time.
08-31 15:45:25
China issues new counterterrorism guideline
China's counter-terrorism-related ministries jointly issued a guideline on legal procedures and penalty standards for terrorist crimes, which experts predict will deter offenders.
06-18 21:14:21
China's anti-drone laser weapon could aid counter-terrorism
China showcased an anti-drone laser weapon at an exhibition, as experts said on Tuesday that the weapon could empower counter-terrorism efforts.
05-30 08:56:44
China, Russia conclude joint counter-terror exercises
Chinese and Russian forces concluded their joint counter-terror exercises Wednesday at a training base near Yinchuan, capital of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in northwest China.
12-13 21:35:41