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Int'l Media Reports on China

Int'l Media Reports

China's naval parade in South China Sea showcases growing prowess of navy: State media

The largest-ever military display by the Chinese navy last week has offered military observers a glimpse of China's newest nuclear submarines, destroyers and other vessels.

Source: The Straitstimes2018-04-17
China’s ‘sea parade’: Honing military skills and striking fear

Last week, China displayed the impressive progress it has made in modernizing its naval forces in military exercises in the South China Sea off Hainan that it called a “sea parade,” presided over by Xi himself.

Source: The Manila Times2018-04-17
China Rejects Speculations About Use Of Hambantota Port As Military Base China-Hambantota

China on Monday rejected the speculations that Sri Lankan Port of Hambantota would be used as a military base in future.

Source: app.com.pk2018-04-17
China relaxes rules for soldiers on use of mobile phones, internet

China has revised rules for millions of its PLA personnel, easing their use of internet on mobile phones, regulating online shopping and putting in place a standardised weight for the troops.

Source: hindustantimes.com2018-04-17
Russian expert: China and Russia will not form military alliance but will jointly resist US hegemony

Russian News Agency TASS quoted Dmitri Trenin, director of the Carnegie Moscow Center, as saying that China and Russia will not form a military alliance but will jointly resist US hegemony.

Source: China Military Online2018-04-09
China to Display New Generation CH Series Military Drones at Airshow China 2018

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp (CASC) will display a new generation attack and reconnaissance UAV dubbed as the CH-X at the Airshow China 2018 later this year.

Source: defenseworld.net2018-04-04
Chinese peacemakers arrive in Jebel Marra: UNAMID

The hybrid peacekeeping mission in Darfur on Monday said a convoy transporting Chinese peacekeepers has arrived in Golo, Jebel Marra.

Source: reliefweb.int2018-04-02
Cambodia-China conduct live-fire exercise

In a live-fire exercise or LFX, which is part of the Cambodian-Chinese joint military exercise Golden Dragon 2018, a helicopter deploys soldiers to rescue hostages.

Source: Khmer Times2018-03-30

Foreign Militaries Reports on China

Foreign Militaries Reports

UNIFIL Force Commander praises the work done by Chinese de-mining team

UNIFIL Force Commander praised the work done by UNIFIL's core de-mining teams from Cambodia and China. "I wish to publicly acknowledge their professionalism and courage as they set about this work," he said.

Source: unmissions.org2018-04-05
New Chinese-built training center for Tanzanian army

According to the Presidency, the Sh67.87 billion ($30 million) Centre was built with the assistance of China's People's Liberation Army and will be used to provide modern training to the TPDF.

Source: armyrecognition.com2018-02-24
Chinese-built military training centre opens in Tanzania

Tanzania’s President John Magufuli officially opened a new Chinese-funded Comprehensive Training Centre (CTC) on 6 February in a ceremony attended by Chinese ambassador Wang Ke.

Source: www.defenceweb.co.za2018-02-14
Committed to safeguard corridor with China: Pakistani Army

The Pakistani Army is committed to provide security to the CPEC and the military has taken special measures in this regard, a senior Army officer said Thursday.

Source: business-standard.com2017-12-29
Aerospace Security 2017 Russian-Chinese ABM defence computer CPX kicks off in Beijing

In accordance with Russian and Chinese defence ministries’ decision, the 2nd Aerospace Security 2017 Russian-Chinese ABM defence computer CPX has kicked off in the Air and Missile Defence Research Institute of the Air Force Academy of the People’s Liberation Army of China, in Beijing.

Source: Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation2017-12-12
Ore. National Guard partners with Chinese in disaster drill

Engineers and medics from the Oregon National Guard and Joint Logistics Force Soldiers of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) worked alongside each other to share disaster response capabilities during the 13th annual U.S.-China Disaster Management Exchange (DME), Nov. 16-19, 2017.

Source: nationalguard.mil2017-12-04
Chinese Marines had obstacle course training at Gornostay, Pacific Fleet

Chinese Marines held a counterterrorism training within the Joint Sea 2017 exercise at the Gornostay range, Pacific Fleet.

Source: Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation2017-09-22
Defence Hosts Senior Chinese Military Delegation

This week Defence hosted General Wei Liang, Political Commissar, Southern Theatre Command from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) on a recent goodwill visit to Australia.

Source: Department of Defence,Australian Goverment2017-07-21