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Int'l Media Reports on China

Int'l Media Reports

China-Pakistan Parade: Is Beijing Sealing Role of Top Player in Asia-Pacific?

Chinese troops took part in the Pakistan Day parade in Islamabad for the first time earlier this week, in what some experts said was a sign of closer bilateral ties, while others pointed to Beijing's growing regional clout.

Source: Sputnik2017-03-27
Philippine media: Duterte invites Chinese naval fleet to visit PH

Manila Bulletin reported on March 24 that the Philippine President Duterte revealed that he has sent an invitation to the Chinese naval fleet for a visit to the Philippines

Source: China Military2017-03-27
Chinese troops march on Pakistan Day underlines deepening military co-operation

Chinese troops’ participation in Pakistan Day parade was to show the strong nature of ties between the two countries and to send ‘powerful signal’ to the powers that be, major news outlets have concluded.

Source: THE NEWS2017-03-24
China, Nepal discuss joint military exercises

China's defence minister met his Nepal counterpart Thursday pushing ahead plans to hold joint military exercises, a move likely closely watched by India as Beijing boosts its influence in the region.

Source: AFP2017-03-24
RTA Ordered ZBL-09

Foreign correspondent said to TAF in LIMA 2017 yesterday that the Royal Thai Army signed the order to buy 34 ZBL-09 8x8 and 12,506 30 mm round from China's NORICO.

Source: Thaiarmed Force2017-03-24
Expert refutes hype of China's

Reuters reported on March 14 that latest satellite images shows that China has started fresh construction work in South China Sea, sending a signal that Beijing is continuing to strengthen its military reach across the vital trade waterway.

Source: China Military2017-03-16
Tokyo to Expand Horizons of Its Naval Power With Its Destroyer in S China Sea

Japan has decided to send its largest warship, the Izumo helicopter carrier, on a three-month-long mission to the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean.

Source: Sputniknews2017-03-16
New Stealthy Drones 'Set to Increase China's Combat Capabilities in the Pacific'

The CASIC appears to be developing a stealthy long-range drone which will "drastically increase" capabilities of the People's Liberation Army in the Pacific.

Source: Sputniknews2017-03-15

Foreign Militaries Reports on China

Foreign Militaries Reports

Pakistan military to ensure security for economic corridor

The Pakistani military will provide whatever support is required to ensure the security of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, a Pakistani officer said on Tuesday.

Source: China Daily2017-03-15
Chinese Navy Ships Visit San Diego

PLA Navy ships, Jiangkai II-class frigates Yancheng (FFG 546) and Daqing (FFG 576), and Fuchi-class oiler Tai Hu (AOR 889), arrived in San Diego as part of a routine port visit, Dec. 6-9.

Source: US Navy2016-12-09
Commander Chinese Army meets Gen. Qamar Bajwa at GHQ

General Zhao Zongqi, commander of the PLA Western Theater Command, visited General Headquarters(GHQ) of the Pakistani Armed Forces on Monday.

Source: jasarat.org2016-12-07
Singapore Defense Minister: China's rise cannot be contained

The Singapore Defense Minister Ng Eng Hen said during a panel discussion at the Reagan National Defense Forum on Sunday in California, US, that it is neither possible nor strategically necessary to contain China's rise.

Source: China Military2016-12-05
Journalist Protection in Conflict Areas Course 2016 ends in Hellas

From 14th to 18th of November 2016, the Greek Multinational Peace Support Operations Training Centre (MPSOTC), conducted in Kilkis the "Journalist Protection in Conflict Areas Course".

Source: MPSOTC2016-11-24
Overseas Air Forces send condolences for fallen Chinese female pilot

The Red Arrows Aerobatic Team of Britain Royal Air Force expressed their sorrow for the loss of Yu Xu on a social media platform.

Source: China Military2016-11-17
Zambia Air Force commander hopes to buy more Chinese aircraft

From the Zambia Air Force's point of view, there is no doubt that it hopes to procure more advanced equipment like fighters and other types of aircraft, according to Chimese.

Source: China Military2016-11-04
Gota To Participate At The 7th Xiangshan Forum In China

Former Secretary to the Ministry of Defence Gotabaya Rajapaksa was one of the prominent invitees at the 7th Xiangshan Forum, co-hosted by Chinese Association for Military Science and the China Institute for International Strategic Studies.

Source: Colombo Telegraph2016-10-08