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Int'l Media Reports on China

Int'l Media Reports

Foreign media: China's first indigenous aircraft carrier nearing completion

Airbus Defence and Space imagery captured on 11 August 2016 shows significant activity related to Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy projects at Dalian Shipyard, the Jane’s Defense Weekly of Britain said on its website on August 17, 2016.

Source: China Military Online2016-08-19
Jane’s: Indonesia tests Chinese-made air-defense system

A source confirmed that the Indonesian Marine Corps conducted a live-fire testing on Chinese-made Type 90 twin-barreled 35 mm towed anti-aircraft gun on Aug. 12, Jane’s Defense Weekly reported on Tuesday.

Source: China Military Online2016-08-19
Jane's Defense Weekly: China is building five Type 052D destroyers

Foreign media reported that China's guided-missile destroyer (DDG) production is still underway at Jiangnan Shipyard, located on Changxing Island near Shanghai City.

Source: China Military Online2016-08-16
Guided-missile destroyer Shenzhen upgraded and re-commissioned

The guided-missile destroyer Shenzhen (Type 051B) of the PLA Navy that used to be the flagship of the South China Sea Fleet recently completed the upgrade of its overall weapon systems. The photos of the upgraded vessel drew attentions from the west.

Source: China Military Online2016-08-15
Ambassador: Chinese ships' activities around Diaoyu Dao beyond reproach

Japan's NHK TV station reported that Japanese foreign minister Fumio Kishida called in Chinese ambassador to Japan Cheng Yonghua at Japanese Foreign Ministry on the morning of August 9 to protest against Chinese Coast Guard vessels' repeated entry into "Japan's territorial sea" near the Diaoyu Dao and was immediately rebutted by Chinese ambassador.

Source: China Military Online2016-08-10
U.S. Media: Pushing China into a Corner Is Dangerous

Besides China's operations in the East China Sea, news about China's patrol in the South China Sea announced by the Chinese PLA Air Force on August 6 also raised concerns.

Source: China Military Online2016-08-09
Foreign media: massive Chinese military keeps Japan at permanent disadvantage

Even if Japan's technological lead is sustained, the sheer size of the Chinese military means that, sooner rather than later, Japan will be relegated to a marginal and subsidiary position in Asia, always inferior to that of China.

Source: China Military Online2016-08-09
Russian media: China’s latest chemical reconnaissance vehicle to compete in Russia

The PLA will bring the latest model of chemical reconnaissance vehicle to participate in the Safe Environment competition held in Russia during the International Army Games 2016.

Source: China Military Online2016-08-02

Foreign Militaries Reports on China

Foreign Militaries Reports

PLA's glorious history a saga of protracted war of Chinese against imperialists

The glorious history of PLA is a long saga of a protracted war of the Chinese Army against imperialist and reactionary forces, said a former chief of Bangladesh Army.

Source: China Military Online2016-08-02
Crews of China, Russia, and Kazakhstan start the “Suvorov attack” international contest

"Suvorov attack" international contest among IFV crews starts at the Alabino range on July 31. Crews of Russia, China, and Kazakhstan are competing in course of the first race of the contest.

Source: eng.mil.ru2016-08-02
Draw procedure of

Draw procedure of “Military medical relay race” contest was held in Saint Petersburg.

Source: eng.mil.ru2016-08-02
Teams of Kazakhstan, China and Russia are on leading positions after the first day of competitions

Today, the first stage of the "Airborne platoon" international contest has started near Novorossiysk.

Source: eng.mil.ru2016-08-02
U.S. Navy: PLA warships arrive in Hawaii for RIMPAC 2016

The PLA Navy warships arrive at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam for Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) 2016.

Source: 2016-07-01
Thailand buys 3 Chinese subs for $1 billion

Thailand's defense minister confirmed Tuesday that his country's navy will buy three submarines from China for $1 billion, saying that reasonable price and a 10-year payment period were the main reasons.

Source: Global Times2016-07-05
Singapore to introduce measures to deescalate tensions over South China Sea

Singapore's Defense Minister Ng Eng Hen stressed that Singapore, as a coordinator for China-ASEAN relations, will try to introduce practical measures to deescalate tensions over the South China Sea.

Source: 中国军网2016-07-01
'A friend in a need is a friend indeed': Nepalese Army Chief refers to China

Nepalese Chief of the Army Staff Gaurav SJB Rana has appreciated the role and assistance of neighboring China and its People's Liberation Army in the ongoing rescue and relief program in the quake-hit Nepal.

Source: Xinhua2015-05-07