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China's peacekeeping equipment questioned

(Source: China Military Online)   2015-01-04

The photo shows the weapons and equipment carried by the first Chinese peacekeeping infantry battalion to Southern Sudan.

The photo features the body armor worn by the first Chinese peacekeeping infantry battalion to Southern Sudan.

  Rays of light reflected by a bracelet

  Careful people may observe an army-green bracelet on the right wrist of each soldier of the infantry battalion.

  This is the legendary "lifesaving bracelet". Knitted out of the high-grade parachute cord, it is a life rope of about 4 meters long once unpacked, and may withstand a pulling force of about 100 kilograms. The bracelet buckle is also a lifesaving whistle.

  This rope may save a life at critical moments. Such details are everywhere among the individual equipment of the Chinese peacekeeping infantry battalion.

  The helmet is the universal type used in the PLA, but has been added with dust goggles and tactical flashlight. Knee pads, elbow pads and tactical gloves are provided for limbs, and one map pocket may be added. The military boots are also improved to be lighter and more breathable.

  One detail is noteworthy on the improved tactical vest. The logos for military rank and troop category were easily covered in the past. For the new tactical vest, not only the functional change is made, but also the position that displays the military rank is specifically added for easier identification by comrades-in-arms and friends during operations. A name tag in both Chinese and English is also added before the chest of the uniform.

  Some people have questions: how many of these separate items will be actually used? The goggles, for example, may be used in Northwest China where there is a strong wind and much sand, but can be just an ornament in Southern Sudan where it is so hot.

  Obviously these people have made a logical mistake. One of the significant defects in the design and deployment of individual equipment in the PLA was incomplete category and single function in the past.

  The personal items, for example, do not include the pillow over the past years, nor were there portable bed clothes. There was only one quilt all the year round. There was only one type of socks which were used for both winter and summer.

  These problems have drawn the attention of logistics and equipment departments in recent years, improvement has been made, and the number of types of individual equipment is increasing. Being available or unavailable, or being complete or incomplete, not only reflects the modernization level of an army, but is also one of the means that generate the combat capability.

  It is a pity that no "dog tag" seen among the individual equipment for the infantry battalion still. This metal "identity verification card", created during the World War I and used to record a soldier's name, blood type and code designation, has been employed by most of the militaries in the world, and has played a positive role in saving wounded persons and searching those killed during wars.

Editor:Zhang Tao
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