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China's peacekeeping equipment questioned

(Source: China Military Online)   2015-01-04

The first Chinese peacekeeping infantry battalion to Southern Sudan shows its weapons and equipment at an oath-taking rally on December 22, 2014.

  Silenced submachine guns highlight the self-defense principle

  In addition to the 95 automatic rifle that military fans are familiar with, a less common short fire arm also made debut at the oath-taking rally of the first Chinese peacekeeping infantry battalion to Southern Sudan.

  With its scientific name as "05 silenced submachine gun", this gun is a close-range self-defense weapon. Its power and accuracy are inferior to those of the 95 family, but it is featured by small recoil force, high firing rate, and big ammunition load. That is, it is not a good weapon for attacks, but is much better than a pistol in the close-range defense.

  One of the important requirements of the United Nations for peacekeepers is to use force only for self-defense purposes. Such adaptation of individual weapon for the infantry battalion has reflected the basic principle of Chinese peacekeepers to scrupulously abide by the Charter of the United Nations and safeguard world peace.

  Speaking of the equipment of peacekeepers, we have to mention military vehicles.

  The author has visited the theater headquarters of a number of peacekeeping mission areas, been to the barracks of the peacekeeping forces of a number of countries, including such Asian countries as Pakistan, Mongolia and Cambodia and such African countries as Nigeria and Kenya. What impressed most is that the Japan-made vehicles were everywhere.

  Japan has used equipment to offset its UN membership dues and promote Japan-made automobiles, according to insiders. This statement remains unconfirmed, but the Japanese Nissan and Toyota vehicles can be seen wherever there are peacekeeping soldiers of the United Nations, with a market share for general-purpose vehicles of about 90% according to visual observation.

  The several peacekeeping forces that China has sent to other mission areas are using China-made "Brave Warrior" and "Warrior". All the excavators and road rollers used by the Chinese engineers are China-made. A Chinese military vehicle parked by the roadside will attract soldiers of other countries to look and touch with curiosity.

  After the Ebola virus broke out in West Africa not long ago, China immediately sent its epidemic prevention vehicles which were refitted based on the chassis of "Brave Warrior" to mission areas in Liberia, arousing wide concern.

  Among the Chinese fighting vehicles for the peacekeeping infantry battalion, the category and function of the vehicles refitted based on "Brave Warrior" have expanded.

  The refitted models include the commanding vehicle, as well as assault vehicle, troop crawler, communication van and ambulance. The assault vehicle, in particular, has the ability of clearing obstacles, controlling riots and launching attacks, and has strong advantages in handling emergencies.

  In peacekeeping mission areas, China-made wheeled lightweight infantry combat vehicles that are deployed to the troops of other countries are also visible. Inheriting the tradition that equipment for Chinese peacekeepers should be home-made, the infantry battalion set up this time has realized universalization of parts, with 100% of its equipment made in China.


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