About 10,000 prosecuted for counterfeiting in China

Source: XinhuaEditor: Ouyang
2016-07-26 08:55

BEIJING, July 25 (Xinhua) -- Around 10,000 people were charged with producing counterfeit products in the first half of this year, said Vice Premier Wang Yang Monday.

Police investigated about 64,000 cases involving fake medicines, construction materials, automobile parts, toys and other commodities, said Wang at a national meeting on counterfeit control.

This, however, has merely dented the vast and varied counterfeit market and offenders are growing more tech-savvy and discreet, he warned.

The government plans to tighten online supervision and improve its tip-off system.

A special operation to prevent the export of counterfeit products will be launched, in which cross-border trade fairs and e-commerce platforms will be under tight scrutiny, Wang said.

Computer software will be another priority. The government will launch regular checks on public and private companies about softwares they use.

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