Beijing plans 73 floodwater collection sites, eyes 'sponge city'

Source: ECNS.CNEditor: Ouyang
2016-07-28 10:09

Beijing is planning to add 73 sites to collect excess rainfall and integrate flood control in its urban planning, Beijing Morning Post reported.

The sites will serve as parks generally and be used to collect water during the flood season. They will be large enough to store 10 million cubic meters of water, the equivalent of five Kunming Lakes in Beijing.

They are expected to directly reduce flooding in downtown areas or prevent floodwater from entering main roads, the report said. Facilities will also be built to relieve floodwater in areas near the south fourth and third ring roads, frequently hit by flooding.

An official from Beijing's urban planning commission said the capital city will have a total of 273 waterways designed for flood control and drainage.

Beijing plans to construct five new reservoirs in its mountainous areas, which together with the current 88 existing ones are expected to account for 83 percent of the drainage area in those locations.

Beijing is also drafting a "sponge city" plan to use the full potential of rainwater. According to the plan, the city will not only be able to deal with too much water, but also reuse rainwater to ease thirst when confronted with shortages.

Rainfall in most cities usually makes its way to the nearest rivers and lakes through the underdeveloped drainage system, leading to flooding during heavy rainfalls.

Seventy-seven people died when the worst downpour in six decades hit Beijing on July 21, 2012, promoting calls for effective flood prevention.

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