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Russian media: China considers renting out Chengdu FC-1

(Source: China Military Online)   2015-01-04

  BEIJING, January 4 (ChinaMil) -- China has the ability to export modern warplanes to developing countries and meanwhile upgrade the technological level of its aviation industry, according to the Russian military-industrial complex website on December 31, 2014.

  Chengdu FC-1, "Fierce-Dragon" fighter, is completely capable of performing air defense missions for the air forces of those developing countries that can not afford to buy the fifth-generation warplanes. The China-made planes at reasonable prices are the best choices for these countries. Normally, the air forces of these countries will not be threatened by stealth fighters, nor do they need to launch long-range strikes.

  The advanced composite materials used in Chengdu FC-1 not only reduce the body weight, but also increase the stealth performance. Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) may also use the home-made latest turbojet engine to substitute the RD-93 engine made by Russia. Such extensive upgrading can be conducted so long as there are a sufficient number of potential buyers. In addition, China is also considering renting out Chengdu FC-1 to those countries that can not afford to buy it.

  It is reported that Argentina intends to introduce China's warplanes because they can use anti-ship missiles, including C-802 subsonic and SM-400AKG supersonic anti-ship missiles. China and Argentina already held preliminary negotiations last year. Other potential buyers include Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Malaysia, Nigeria and Sudan.

  To defeat the competitors, a warplane's good combat capability alone is still far from enough, said Yang Wei, chief designer of Chengdu FC-1 in an interview with China Daily. The export of military aircraft, especially fighter planes, is often affected by a number of geopolitical factors.

Editor:Yao Jianing
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