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PLA to regulate training-purpose digital media resources

(Source: China Military Online)   2015-04-09

  BEIJING, April 9 (ChinaMil) -- The General Staff Headquarters (GSH) of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) recently issued a document to regularize the planning, producing, procurement and management of training-purpose digital media resources. The promulgation of the document is designed to give a direction to the development of training-purpose digital media resources and let them better serve the innovation of training methods close to actual combats.

  The training-purpose digital media resources mainly include TV teaching materials, multimedia teaching materials, network courses, professional discipline websites, video open courses, micro courses and massive open online courses and so on.

  According to the document, a unified compilation guideline on PLA digital media resources will be released every year and a plan on PLA digital media resources development will be formulated every five years.

  The document requires that the military training information network should be fully used as an platform to carry out exchange of digital media resources so as to improve utilization efficiency.

Editor:Guo Renjie
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