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Chinese airborne troops win glory in int'l special forces competition

(Source: China Military Online)   2015-07-10

The picture shows the Chinese Thor Commando at the opening ceremony of the "Golden Owl-2015" Int'l Competition of Special Forces held in the Spasskaya training center in Kazakhstan, June 29, 2015.

  WUHAN, July 10 (ChinaMil) -- The Chinese Thor Commando with its members coming from the airborne troops of the PLA Air Force, on behalf of the special forces of the PLA, attended the "Golden Owl-2015" International Competition of Special Forces held in Kazakhstan, and won the first place among participating teams of foreign countries, spokesman of the PLA Air Force Colonel Shen Jinke said in Wuhan on July 9, 2015.

  This is the second time for the airborne troops to attend an international competition on behalf of the special forces of the PLA after an interval of 11 years.

  The "Golden Owl-2015" International Competition of Special Forces was held at the Spasskaya training center in Karaganda Province, Kazakhstan, and 10 teams from Kazakhstan, Belarus, China, Russia and the U.S. attended the competition, said Colonel Shen Jinke.

  Focusing on the contest of comprehensive combat skills, the Golden Owl competition is famous for its big risk and cruelty, which makes the Golden Owl among the high-level competitions of the world special forces.

  Since it was set up on September 30, 2011, the Thor Commando has grown up to be a crack special force for reconnaissance operations of the PLA's airborne troops, which is capable of performing the tasks of strategic deterrence, combat assault, task operations under IT-based conditions, said Colonel Shen Jinke.

  The Chinese airborne troop's attending the "Golden Owl-2015" competition is an important manifestation of the pragmatic military exchange and cooperation between China and Kazakhstan, Shen Jinke said.

  By attending the competition, the Chinese special troops has learned a lot from the special troops of other countries and forged friendship with the participating teams from other countries, Shen Jinke added.

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