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Eight Highlights in China's V-Day Military Parade

(Source: China Military Online)   2015-08-14

  BEIJING, August 13 (ChinaMil) -- September 3, 2015 is China's first Victory Day of the Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression.

  On that day, the celebration of the 70th anniversary of victory of Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War will be staged at the Tian'anmen Square, an important part of which will be the military parade.

  This will be the 15th grand military parade since the founding of the People's Republic of China, and also the first V-Day parade held by China as one of the victorious nations in World War II.

  Li Daguang, a professor from the National Defense University (NDU) of the Chinese PLA, summarized the eight possible highlights of the military parade.

  Highlight 1: Heroic and Model Troops will be reviewed for the first time.

  The troops participating in the military parade are of special features and in a large variety. Heroic and Model Troops will be reviewed in formation for the first time.

  The formations on foot are the representatives of the standing armies in which the CPC-led Heroic and Model Troops served during the anti-Japanese war.

  Representatives of the Heroic and Model Troops, comprised of the Eighth Route Army, New Fourth Army, Northeast Anti-Japanese united forces and South China guerrilla column, will be reviewed in formations for the first time.

  Highlight 2: Formation of anti-Japanese war veterans render honors by vehicle.

  Veterans who participated in the anti-Japanese war, models for supporting the frontline and children of heroes and martyrs will participate in the parade, which shows reverence to those who contributed to and sacrificed for the anti-Japanese war.

  Considering that the veterans are senior citizen now and in reference to similar parades in other countries and regions of the world, veterans participating in the parade are likely to sit in military trucks or off-road vehicles equipped with air conditioning facilities.

  Highlight 3: Generals will lead formations.

  In addition to parade troops that carry the history of the anti-Japanese war, formations led by generals will be a new feature.

  During the military parade on the V- Day, the formations on foot will be led by generals, who, according to the common practice of foreign armies, are likely the chief officers of the PLA Group Armies to which the Heroic and Model Troops belong.

  Highlight 4: Kuomintang veterans will be reviewed.

  The Kuomintang army played an important role in the anti-Japanese war, and some Kuomintang veterans will participate in the military parade this time.

  The Kuomintang army made its contributions to defending foreign aggression and fighting for national independence, and history has given it a fair and objective assessment.

  Very few Kuomintang veterans still live today, some having gone to Taiwan and some staying in the Chinese mainland. Organizing them to participate in the military parade will be of profound significance.

  Highlight 5: Foreign troops will participate in the parade for the first time.

  Another highlight of the military parade is that military representatives and formations from foreign countries will be invited to participate, which is aimed to fully reflect that the victory of the World Anti-Fascist War belongs to the whole world.

  According to international conventions, the PLA will invite countries that took part in the Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression and in the eastern theater of the World Anti-Fascist War, as well as other related countries to dispatch troops to participate in the parade and the observation.

  So far countries including Russia have confirmed their acceptance of the invitation. It is reported that Mongolia will send a delegation comprised of 75 military service members to participate in the parade.

  Highlight 6: Latest equipment will be demonstrated.

  It is an international practice to display new weaponry and equipment in military parade. Many of the weaponry and equipment to be displayed are main battle equipment in active service newly developed by China, including those from the PLA Army, Navy, Air Force and the Second Artillery Force (SAF). A better part of them is displayed for the first time.

  Light weapon: They are all in a leading position in the world, including the 95-1 automatic rifle and 95B-1 short assault rifle that have become the PLA's signature weapon, and type-03 automatic rifle added with bayonet. They are all worth expecting.

  Heavy weapon: the PLA Army is equipped with the advanced third-generation main battle equipment, many of which have been displayed on various occasions. For instance, the 96A main battle tank (MBT) is a new-type modified MBT that has become a star for its performance in the Tank Biathlon-2014 in Russia, and the type-05 amphibious tank that was displayed in the 2009 National Day parade is still the amphibious fighting vehicle with the greatest combat capability in the world today.

  Infantry fighting vehicle (IFV): the new-generation 04A IFV with an extremely cool appearance was exposed by CCTV when it participated in the "Peace Mission-2014" multilateral joint military exercises organized by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in 2014.

  Anti-tank guided missile: the Red Arrow-10 anti-tank guided-missile launcher system that appeared in the SCO military exercises in 2014 and the Red Arrow-12 anti-tank guided-missile that was debuted and drew extensive attention at the 2014 Air-show China in Zhuhai are both worth expecting. Especially the latter, which is a car-borne missile, is very likely to appear on IFV or paratrooper fighting vehicle (PFV).

  Rocket launcher: the new crawler 122mm modular self-propelled rocket launcher system with a firing range of 60km appeared in the SCO military exercises in 2014. China is the only country in the world with this kind of modular rocket launcher.

  Anti-aircraft weapon: For instance, the type-07 35mm self-propelled anti-aircraft gun equipped with electronically scanned search radar has an overall layout similar to Germany's Gepard. The new-type wheeled 35mm revolving single-barrel anti-aircraft gun, one of the only two in the world, boasts a super cool appearance and a jaw-dropping firing rate of 1,000 bullets per barrel.

  Missile equipment: the DF-16 short-range ballistic missile looks like a magnified bullet and may replace the former DF-11 and DF-15 in the upcoming parade. Furthermore, the DF-21D, the only medium-range anti-ship ballistic missile in the world today, is also worth expecting.

  Highlight 7: Aviation formation will display dazzling equipment.

  As a heavyweight part of the V-Day parade, the formation of aviation equipment will display a spate of aviation equipment.

  Fighter: The J-11B fighter has realized complete local production and will be used to equip the PLA for a long time.

  J-10B is the most advanced locally-produced fighter in active service and will be the spotlight of the parade because it's fitted with phased array radar.

  The J-10A featuring great maneuverability, which is a proven locally produced fighter used by the Bayi Aerobatics Team, may steal the thunder in the parade.

  The J-15 commonly known as "Flying Shark" is a multi-purpose ship-borne fighter newly designed and developed on the basis of the third-generation fighter technology.

  Large warplane: As the first newly developed strategic bomber since the end of the Cold War, the H-6K "Mars" medium-range strategic bomber boasts a powerful deterrence and can carry air-launched cruise missiles (ALCM). It may fly over the Tian'anmen Square this time.

  The Y-20 strategic transport aircraft that was debuted at Air show China in Zhuhai, will likely appear again in the parade.

  Army Aviation helicopter: The Chinese PLA has a range of helicopters today including gunship and transporter, all of which may appear in the upcoming parade. Among them, the WZ-10 attack helicopter is of epochal significance for army aviation force. The WZ-19 attack helicopter nicknamed "Black Whirlwind" is developed in the same period as WZ-10 and is likely to be a popular product in the international market.

  As China's latest heavy-duty transporter, the Z-18A is able to fly over the Tibetan Plateau and will capture the attention of the whole world if it flies over the Tian'anmen Square carrying the super-light howitzer.

  Highlight 8: Naval formation will focus on ship-borne weapon.

  Limited by the site, the PLA Navy is only able to display ship-borne weapon.

  The Naval Hongqi-9 anti-aircraft missile that was displayed in 2009 is China's main air-defense weapon on the sea. The newly modified version of this active radar-guided ship-to-air missile may be displayed this time.

  The YJ-18 anti-ship missile is China's new-generation ship-to-ship missile similar to Russia's Klub. It is regarded as the "ideal anti-ship missile" by the United States.

  The YJ-63 missile is widely equipped in the shore-to-ship missile forces of the PLA Navy and has triggered a surge of new shore-to-ship missile development in the U.S., Japan and other countries.

  The YJ-12 air-launched anti-ship missile is an important piece of equipment in the PLA Navy's missile bomber force, it is a rare heavy-duty supersonic anti-ship missile newly developed after the end of the Cold War.

Editor:Zhang Tao
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