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Firepower-2015 Shandan exercise wrapped up

(Source: China Military Online)   2015-09-08

  LANZHOU, Sep. 8 (ChinaMil) -- The "Firepower-2015 Shandan G" exercise was wrapped up in a trial training area of the Air Force of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) on Sept 7, 2015, marking the successful completion of the "Firepower-2015 Shandan" exercise, a series of trans-Military Area Command (MAC) realistic exercises organized by the air defense troops of the PLA Army in 2015.

  The PLA's exercise codenamed "Firepower-2015 Shandan" kicked off in the Hexi Corridor of northwest China's Gansu Province in early July, 2015.

  During the two-month-plus exercise, a total of 18,000 troops including 7 air defense troops from the PLA's 7 MACs participated in the exercise.

  The participating troops moved over 30,000 kilometers during the exercise. Nine types of air defense weapons equipped for the PLA Army's air defense troops were used in the exercise. And the total number of flights for aircraft from the simulated enemy, including J-10 fighters, J-11B fighters, helicopters, electronic reconnaissance and jamming aircraft and drones, were over 200.

  A professional "Blue Army" of the PLA Air Force, the simulated enemy, participated in the real ground-to-air confrontation during the whole exercise process, according to Zhao Lianyun, chief director of the exercise and commander of a trial training area of the PLA Air Force.

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