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Chinese Navy ships welcomed in Sweden

(Source: CRI)   2015-10-01


Three Chinese naval vessels arrived in Stockholm on September 30, kicking off a five-day visit to Sweden. [Photo:]

  Chinese Navy Escort ships have arrived in Sweden for five day visit. The fleet was warmly welcomed by the overseas Chinese when it arrived in Stockholm’s harbor near Slussen.

  Chinese Ambassador to Sweden Chen Yuming spoke at the welcoming ceremony.

  "This year marks the 65th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Sweden and China. The visit of Chinese navy escort ships to Sweden embodies political mutual trust and deepening of bilateral relations and friendship between the two countries."

  Wang Jianxun, general commander of the Missile Destroyer said with the deepening of bilateral relations, the military exchange between the two sides should be deepened through interpretor.

  "We are going to have dignatory visits and organize cultural and sports activities. the ships will open to the public, the Chinese naval servicemen and their Swedish counterparts will visit each other."

  Major General Grindvik of the Swedish Navy said this was a historical day for both Chinese and Swedish navies.

  "Our two countries share a long tradition of contributing to the UN Peace-Keeping Operations across the world, as we speak, units of the People’s Republic of China’s Liberation Army participated side by side the Swedish units, in the UN Mission in Somalia Africa. Both countries have contributed to securing our sealines of communcation in the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Eden, including counter piracy operation. The visit of the navy from China underlines the continuous importance of our relations."

  Svante Linden, journalist for Aftonbladet newspaper said it’s very interesting to see Chinese ships.

  "It is very interesting and nice. We have different culture, but we also have a great urge for understanding one another. Sweden is a small country. Nevertheless, we can have discussion with eath other and have veyr constructive cooperation between our countries. This is one wya of exchange, one way of knowing each other and one way of saying Hello."

  Overseas Chinese in Sweden gathered at the harbor to welcome the ships. Zhang Chi is a Chinese student who studies at the Royal Swedish University of Technology or KTH. She expressed her feelings of seeing the Chinese warships.

  "We feel kind of homesick, in other way we also feel very proud of being here because we saw they came from China from a long way, and they build a kind of friendship with other countries not only through studying abroad but also through ttravelling abroad, the solders' journey."

  Sweden is the fifth stop of the Chinese navy fleet consisting of three ships. They are on a global vayage after the UN peacekeeping mission in Somalia, Africa.

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