China, U.S. hold 11th humanitarian assistance & disaster relief seminar

Source: China Military OnlineEditor: Zhang Tao
2015-11-17 16:32

BEIJING, Nov.17 (ChinaMil) -- The Chinese and U.S. militaries held the 11th seminar on humanitarian assistance and disaster relief in Seattle on November 15, 2015.

Each side sent 15 service members to participate in the seminar. Based on the assumption of earth quake and landslide, they discussed on the themes of communication and coordination between external support forces and rescue forces, organization and implementation of disaster relief, support for rehabilitation after disaster and so forth.

In addition, the two sides shared their work experiences in international humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, such as supporting the Ebola epidemic prevention in West Africa and conducting the earthquake relief in Nepal.

It is learnt that the seminar on humanitarian assistance and disaster relief is one of the China-U.S. military exchange programs, and ten of such seminars have been carried out since 1997.

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