21st Chinese naval escort taskforce wraps up visit to Bangladesh

Source: China Military OnlineEditor: Yao Jianing
2016-02-02 11:11

CHITTAGONG, February 1 (ChinaMil) -- The 21st Chinese naval escort taskforce successfully wrapped up its goodwill visit to Bangladesh and left Chittagong on January 31, 2016.

Over 20 warships of the Bangladesh Navy docked at the right side of the fairway flied the flags of farewell. Sailors aboard the Bangladesh Navy warships manned the rails and saluted to the Chinese taskforce. Chinese navy sailors also manned the rails and waved goodbye to their Bangladesh counterparts.

The 21st Chinese naval escort taskforce arrived in Chittagong on the afternoon of January 27, 2016. During the visit, Yu Manjiang, commanding officer of the taskforce, held talks with the commander of the Chittagong Naval Area of the Bangladesh Navy and the commander of a fleet of the Bangladesh Navy, and visited the Ashar Alo School & Rehabilitation Center and academies of the Bangladesh Navy.

The two sides also held activities including cross-deck visits, sports activities and deck receptions.

On January 29, Bangladesh Navy’s assistant Chief of Naval Staff, Aurangzeb Chowdhury, visited the guided-missile frigate Liuzhou, met with Yu Manjiang, commanding officer of the taskforce, and exchanged with him on the cooperation between the two navies.

Senior officials of the Bangladesh Navy all spoke highly of this visit. They said that they are very happy to have such a multi-level exchange with the Chinese Navy and learn advanced experience and professional skills from the Chinese Navy in Chittagong. They hoped that the friendship of the two navies can last forever.

After the visit, the two navies will host joint exercise at the sea area off Chittagong. Next up, the Chinese taskforce will head to Visakhapatnam of India for an international fleet parade.

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