Chinese naval escort taskforce holds joint drill with Thai navy

Source: China Military OnlineEditor: Ouyang
2016-02-22 16:34

LAEM CHARBANG, Thailand, Feb. 22 (ChinaMil) -- The 21st Chinese naval escort taskforce, consisting of two guided missile frigates Liuzhou and Sanya and a supply ship Qinghaihu, wrapped up its 5-day-long friendly visit to Thailand and then conducted a joint exercise with the Thai Navy in the open sea out of Laem Charbang Port on Feb. 21, 2016, local time.

At around 9 a.m., the three Chinese warships unmoored and set sail from Laem Charbang Port.

In the open sea off Laem Charbang Port, the frigate Liuzhou of the Chinese naval escort taskforce conducted with Thai Navy's frigate Bangpakon a joint drill on communication and ship formation movement. The joint drill was a routine arrangement during the taskforce's visit to Thailand.

The drill began at 11:30. The two frigates headed for the sea area agreed upon by both sides while conducted en route flag signaling using the international brevity codes.

At 13:00, the two frigates began to act as the commanding ship alternately and conducted the formation movement by forming the column formation and horizontal formation successively.

After the drill was over at 14:00, the three Chinese warships headed for Cambodia , which was the next stop of their port calls.

"This visit to Thailand and the joint drill with the Thai Navy have further enhanced the exchange, cooperation and mutual trust between the navies of the two countries," said Rear Adm. Yu Manjiang, commanding officer of the 21st Chinese naval escort taskforce.

During the past 5-day visit, Rear Adm. Yu Manjiang met with senior officials of the Thai Navy and exchanged views with them on the relations between the navies of the two countries and situations in the region. The naval troops of both sides exchanged their experience in anti-piracy operations at a seminar, held friendly football matches and visited each other's warships.

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