Seaman of Chinese naval escort taskforce recovers from illness

Source: China Military OnlineEditor: Yao Jianing
2016-03-25 17:32

Wang Xinsong, a member of the Chinese naval escort taskforce, waves goodbye to medical staff at the PLA Navy General Hospital on March 24, 2016 after recovering from his illness.

BEIJING, March 25 (ChinaMil) -- Wang Xinsong, a member of the 22nd Chinese naval escort taskforce who suffered an illness and was sent from Djibouti back to China on Feb. 18, recovered and left the hospital on the morning of March 24, 2016, after receiving a more than one-month treatment at the PLA Navy General Hospital in Beijing.

Wang Xinsong is a soldier ranked as the grade-four master sergeant at the auxiliary machine squad of the mechanical and electrical department of the guided-missile destroyer Qingdao with the PLA Navy.

Wang suffered a sudden life-threatening illness when performing his escort mission in the Gulf of Aden on February 8 and was urgently sent to a local hospital in Djibouti for treatment.

He was then sent back to China by the PLA Navy through an international SOS medical chartered plane on February 18 to receive treatment at the PLA Navy General Hospital in Beijing. In the hospital, Wang was diagnosed by civilian and military medical experts with the acute ketoacidosis that caused his multiple organ injuries.

During his treatment at the PLA Navy General Hospital, Wang Xinsong received various types of checkups by medical staff from relevant departments and began to gradually recover from his illness after the first-stage 20-day treatment.

He was transferred out of the ICU on March 8 and fully recovered from the illness after completing the follow-up recovery treatment at the department of endocrinology of the hospital.

“I will treasure the care for me by the Party and the military,” said Wang Xinsong before leaving the hospital. “I will certainly come back to my duty post to safeguard our motherland together with my fellow shipmates,” he added.

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