PLA preliminarily builds operational experiments discipline system

Source: China Military OnlineEditor: Ouyang
2016-04-11 16:21

BEIJING, April 11 (ChinaMil) -- Science of Operational Experiments, the first theoretical monograph on the battle experiment written by the Joint Operations Study and Experiment Center of the PLA Academy of Military Sciences, was published a few days ago, which indicates that the discipline system of operational experiments of the PLA has preliminarily taken shape.

It has been recognized by today's world that the operational experiments are the third method to understand wars, and are also known as the "virtual practice". Operational experiments can play important roles of providing supportive demonstration and aid decision making in the areas of innovating military theories, verifying operational regulations, evaluating battle plans, and improving training effectiveness, etc..

The experimental principles and ex-post analysis mentioned in the book are the fruits of related research programs in recent years, and are all original achievements, said Li Hui, director of the center.

This book is of an important theoretical value and practical significance for production of professional talents in operational experiments and pushing forward development of operational experiments in the PLA.

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