Chinese naval ships arrive in Indonesia for Komodo 2016 joint exercise

Source: China Military OnlineEditor: Ouyang
2016-04-12 16:34

China's guided missile frigate Weifang anchors in the waters of the Port of Padang, Indonesia, on April 11, 2016. ( Pang Zhongping)

PADANG, Indonesia, April 12 (ChinaMil) -- The guided missile frigate Weifang and the salvage lifting vessel Changxingdao, two ships from the North Sea Fleet of the PLA Navy, arrived in the anchorage waters near the Port of Padang of Indonesia on April 11, 2016, local time.

They will join over 40 ships of 15 other countries to participate in the Komodo 2016 joint exercise which is set to start on April 12.

From April 12 to 13, lectures, sandbox exercises and command post exercises on maritime peacekeeping operations, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief will be held. The warships from 16 countries will also participate in an international fleet review organized by the Indonesian side.

The maritime drills involving real troops, which is the second stage of the joint exercise, will kick off on April 14.

The two Chinese naval ships set sail from Qingdao on March 26. Before entering the Indian Ocean, they had passed through the Osumi Strait, the Ryukyu Islands and waters east of the Philippines, waters south of Sarangani Strait, Makassar Strait and Lombok Strait.

During their voyage, the two Chinese naval ships conducted training on more than 10 subjects including live-fire attack at surface targets and full-time defense of the ship-aircraft coordinated monitoring and early warning system and so on.

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