PLA warships to conduct combat drills in South China Sea

Source: China Military OnlineEditor: Zhang Tao
2016-05-05 17:53

SANYA, May 5 (ChinaMil) -- Three warships of the Nanhai Fleet of the PLA Navy, the guided-missile destroyer Hefei, multi-role frigates Sanya and supply ship Honghu, set sail from a naval port in Sanya, Hainan Province, on the afternoon of May 4. They will join forces in a certain water of the South China with submarines of the Nanhai Fleet Sea to stage a training exercise involving subjects of breaking through enemy blockage in a joint operation of surface ships and submarines, reconnaissance and counter-reconnaissance.

The surface ship and submarine coordinated drill staged by the Nanhai Fleet marks beginning of the annual confrontation training exercises in the high sea and combat-readiness patrol, which has become the conventional movement of the PLA Navy in recent years.

Apart from the above three warships, the guided-missile destroyers Lanzhou and Guangzhou, as well as the multi-role frigate Yulin are also in the ship formation of the training exercise. The guided-missile destroyer Lanzhou, which is participating in the on-going ASEAN Defense Ministers' Meeting–Plus (ADMM-Plus) maritime security and counter-terrorism exercise, will head for the sea area of the training exercise after the ADMM-Plus exercise.

The six warships, divided into three combat groups, will hold training exercise in the South China Sea, the east Indian Ocean and the west Pacific.

The aviation force of the Nanhai Fleet, garrison troops in the Xisha and Nansha Islands and some units of the PLAN’s Beihai Fleet will also be involved in the exercise.

The training exercise aims to test the combat capability of new main battle ships, submarines and the naval aviation force, enhance the integrated training of the command and information systems of the ship formation at sea, Rear Admiral Zhou Xuming, deputy commander of the Nanhai Fleet, told PLA Daily. He is also the commanding officer of this training exercise.

The six warships participating in the training exercise are all new type main battle ships of the Chinese navy. The Type 052D guided-missile destroyer Hefei just joined the Nanhai Fleet in last December. The destroyers Lanzhou and Guangzhou, frigates Sanya and Yulin have ever been to the Gulf of Aden to perform civilian ship escort missions there.

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