Chinese, Thai marines fire anti-aircraft missiles in ‘Blue Strike 2016’ joint training

Source: China Military OnlineEditor: Zhang Tao
2016-05-25 16:58

SATTAHIP, Thailand, May 25 (ChinaMil) -- A real anti-aircraft missile firing drill was conducted at a training base in Thailand on May 23, local time, in the ongoing China-Thailand marine corps joint training codenamed “Blue Strike 2016”.

During the drill, the participating marines from the two sides fired seven anti-aircraft missiles. All of the seven missiles hit the targets.

This is the first drill of this kind since the Chinese and Thai marine corps began to conduct joint training in 2010.

“Both Chinese and Thai participating officers and soldiers have showcased their high military accomplishment and good coordination in the drill,” said Zhang Shunhua, deputy commanding officer of the Chinese side for the joint training and chief of staff of a brigade with the PLA Navy's Marine Corps, who observed the drill at the site.

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