Army air-defense force kicks off cross-region training exercise

Source: China Military OnlineEditor: Ouyang
2016-06-21 22:00

ZHENZHOU, June 21 (ChinaMil) -- A confrontation drill involving commanding organs of an air defense brigade under the PLA Army concluded in the Air Defense Force Academy in Zhenzhou, capital city of central China's Henan Province on Sunday.

In this drill code-named "Firepower-2016 Zhenzhou A", commanding officers of an air defense brigade forming the "Red Army", had fierce confrontations with the "Blue Army" consisting of instructors, cadets from the Air Defense Force Academy, army aviation and electronic warfare units.

According to the staff headquarters of the PLA Army, the "Firepower-2016 Zhenzhou A" was the first confrontation drill involving command organs of air defense brigades in the first stage of the range-based cross-region training exercise of the PLA Army's air defense force.

The "Red Army" and the "Blue Army" were engaged in rounds of confrontations of reconnaissance and counter-reconnaissance, jamming and anti-jamming, strike and counter strike, air-landing and anti-air-landing without pre-plans or instructions of the directing board.

Chief director Zhao Tianxiang of the "Firepower-2016 Zhenzhou" confrontation drills series told PLA Daily, the five air defense brigades to participate in the confrontation drills have been decided by drawing lots.

After the commanding confrontation drills, the five brigades will be toughened one by one in drills involving real troops and real ammunitions.

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