China tops international sniper competition

Source: China Military OnlineEditor: Zhang Tao
2016-06-28 11:03

The excellent Chinese snipers accept awards and pose for a group photo after the competition.

BEIJING, June 27 (ChinaMil) – The seventh annual international sniper competition, known as Golden Owl – 2016, wrapped up on the afternoon of June 25 in Kazakhstan, local time. According to sources from the PLA Army, the Chinese team sniped seven first places out of the 14 subjects, ranking the first in total number of gold medals and total number of overall medals.

The competition was held at the Spassk Training Center in Karagandy, Kazakhstan. For the first time, participating countries are allowed to use their own equipment. It is a test for sniper skills. The contest terrain is filled with changing circumstances, real combat situations, risks and cruelties.

Five members from a special operations brigade with the PLA 26th Group Army participated in the competition.

They were divided into two teams and competed against 22 teams from seven countries including Kazakhstan, the United States, Russia and Britain. Turkey and India sent observers to the competition.

All team members need to bear 25 kg of fighting gear and complete subjects such as shooting of hostage targets, disposal of explosive devices, search and shoot, support and shoot, encounter and shoot, sentry sniping and sniper team confrontation.

There are altogether 17 medals for the competition. Among them, 15 gold medals are for winners in 14 subjects and the group champion.

In the final stage of the competition, it is the sniper team confrontation subject. The round robin race allows each team to have 21 competitions. Chinese sniper Zhu Qianling and Zhang Shuang teamed up and won all the 21 races. Finally, the Chinese sniper team won nine medals including seven gold medals.

The special operations brigade of the PLA 26th Group Army is one of the 13 special forces of China. The brigade was established in 1994 and it has become a task force for strategic deterrence, battle assault, special operations and diverse tasks under information-based conditions.

Previously, the brigade participated in the international scout competition and international contest of special forces in 1998 and 2009 respectively. They ranked the first in total number of gold medals and total number of overall medals among all these international teams.

China’s special forces have conducted a series of joint exercises, joint training and military exchanges with multinational special forces in recent years. Such experience contributes to the promotion of training and innovation, deepening of training reform as well as the improvement of combat training level.

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