Two Chinese national anti-terrorism forces leave for Russia for joint drill

Source: China Military OnlineEditor: Zhang Tao
2016-06-29 17:24

BEIJING, June 29 (ChinaMil) -- China will send its two national anti-terrorism forces, namely the Falcon Commando Unit and the Snow Leopard Commando Unit of the Chinese People's Armed Police Force (APF), to Russia for the Cooperation-2016 joint anti-terror drill.

The drill is a further step after the Cooperation-2007 joint military exercises and the Cooperation -2013 joint anti-terror training between China and Russia.

It is learnt that this is the first time that two of China’s national level anti-terrorism forces go to Russia for a joint drill. It is also a major exploration and practice for the APF and the Russian National Guard to strengthen exchanges, enhance mutual trust and improve the ability to jointly cope with international terrorism.

A grand setting-out ceremony was held for the two anti-terrorism forces at a training base of the APF on the morning of June 28. General Wang Ning, commander of the Chinese People's APF and General Sun Sijing, political commissar of the APF, conferred military flags to team leaders respectively during the ceremony.

Leaders of the APF announced the order for the drill at the ceremony. According to the order, the China-Russia joint anti-terror drill mainly focuses on the use of weapons and equipment, team tactics, shooting, fighting, climbing, fast rope, physical training and other subjects. The participating troops will complete the integrated tactical exercise of searching and wiping out terrorist groups in forests and mountains.

The APF’s Snow Leopard Commando Unit and Falcon Commando Unit were sent to Jordan to participate in the fifth Warrior Competition and won group champions and runner-up awards respectively in March 2013. They have also traveled to Sri Lankan to complete the "Silk Road Cooperation - 2015" joint training and have gained valuable experience in actual combat training in June 2015.

"We will take this joint training as an opportunity to deepen theoretical research, strengthen technical and tactical cooperation, strengthen the exchange of counter-terrorism experiences, explore combat training mode and improve anti-terrorism capabilities," said Zhou Kun, a member from the Falcon Commando Unit.

Members to participate in the drill have already completed a 20-day intensive training at a training base of the APF starting from June 8. In addition to strengthening training content of the incoming drill, they also learned military topography, special equipment operations and Russian military terms.

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