RIMPAC exercise offers arena for Sino-foreign naval exchange

Source: China Military OnlineEditor: Ouyang
2016-07-13 17:16

PEARL HARBOR, the United States, July 13 (ChinaMil) -- The in-port training stage of the Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) 2016 Exercise was concluded on July 11, 2016, local time. According to the exercise plan, some participating warships of the Navy of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLAN) set sail from the Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on July 12, and navigated towards the scheduled sea area for the maritime drill stage.

The in-port activities mainly included exercise-related forums and coordination of exercise subjects, and a total of 469 servicepersons from the Chinese participating fleet attended 49 meetings and forums of various kinds, said Hong Miao, a commanding officer of the Chinese fleet.

Also during the in-port training stage, activities were held for submarine rescue forces from participating navies to get familiar with each other and carry out professional discussions. Through such communications, the participating submarine rescue forces have reached many consensuses, and had an in-depth knowledge of the content, procedure and organization methods of the subsequent drills, said Du Changyu, commanding officer of the submarine rescue unit of the Chinese participating fleet.

According to the exercise arrangement, the 175 task fleet made up of four U.S. warships, one French frigate and one Indonesian frigate as well as four Chinese warships, namely, the guided missile destroyer Xi'an, the missile frigate Hengshui, the comprehensive supply ship Gaoyouhu and the hospital ship Peace Ark, will conduct drills of 16 subjects including air-sea search and rescue, main gun firing and anti-piracy operations during the second stage of this RIMPAC exercise for at-sea events.

The comprehensive submarine rescue vessel Changdao of the Chinese navy will be incorporated into the maritime logistics command of the 173 task fleet.

It is the second time for the hospital ship Peace Ark to come to the RIMPAC exercise. At the TCM medical exchange meeting held at the hospital ship on July 8, the U.S. medical officers demonstrated the auriculo acupuncture of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Sun Tao, director of the maritime hospital on the Peace Ark, said that the medical officers of the U.S. have begun in-depth study of TCM, especially the role the TCM techniques will play in treating battle injuries, which had "surprised" him. The RIMPAC exercise provides an opportunity for the armies and medical workers of various countries to conduct exchange and cooperation, Sun added.

The Chinese supply ship Gaoyouhu, commissioned to the PLAN in late January 2016, makes its maiden show before world navies in this year's RIMPAC exercise. Wan Lin, captain of the Gaoyouhu, believed that the purpose of participating in the RIMPAC exercise is to enhance mutual understanding and deepen cooperation.

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