Strait Warriors-2016 sampan invitational wraps up

Source: China Military OnlineEditor: Li Ruojun
2016-08-16 16:49

Midshipmen of the Dalian Naval Academy paddle a sampan during the Strait Warriors-2016 sampan invitational on August 13, 2016.

DALIAN, Aug.16 (ChinaMil) -- The five-day Strait Warriors-2016 sampan invitational across the Bohai Strait, hosted by the PLA Dalian Naval Academy, concluded on August 13 with all the 9 participant teams arriving at the terminal in Penglai, east China's Shandong province.

126 contestants from the PLA's Dalian Naval Academy, Naval University of Engineering, Naval Aeronautical Engineering Institute, Bengbu Naval Non-Commissioned Officer Academy, Dalian Maritime University, a training base under the North China Sea Fleet and a training base under the South China Sea Fleet participated in the event.

Setting out from Liaodong Peninsula, the 126 contestants in 9 teams, with limited fresh water and food, rowed more than 95 sea miles to cross the Bohai Strait, finally reached Penglai, a coastal city in Shandong province. During their voyage, the 9 teams completed rowing competitions in five stages, conducted training of formation sailing, towing, communications, island survival.

The team from the Dalian Naval Academy and the team from a training base of the North China Sea Fleet won the first place of the college teams and soldier teams respectively.

Steering non-powered sampan to cross the Bohai Strait is a specific training subject of the Dalian Naval Academy to cultivate high-quality naval commanding officers. The academy has successfully hosted the sampan invitational for 22 times so far.

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