French warplanes kill 16 militants in Libya's Benghazi

Source: XinhuaEditor: Ouyang
2016-07-22 09:12

TRIPOLI, July 21 (Xinhua) -- Libyan officials said on Thursday that French warplanes have bombed sites just outside of eastern Benghazi, killing 16 militants.

The bombing forced the militants to retreat to nearby Edjabia, according to the officials.

The French government on Wednesday announced that three French soldiers were killed in Libya, shortly after revealing for the first time, since the military campaign against the late Muammar Gaddafi' regime, that French forces are engaged in military operations in Libya.

"At this moment we are carrying out dangerous intelligence operations (in Libya)," said French President Francois Hollande, confirming that three French soldiers were killed in a helicopter accident.

Western countries have expressed support for the UN-backed unity government of Libya in the fight against the Islamic State.

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