China’s first military air ambulance debuts Is China deploying its own missile defense system? Xi Jinping bestows military honors Chinese warships conduct drill in Sea of Japan
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Xi vows to promote China-Myanmar partnership
Chinese leaders attend opening of minority art festival
Xi calls for advancing Belt and Road Initiative
Chinese president to host Hangzhou G20 summit
Xi to attend, chair G20 summit in Hangzhou
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Artillery regiment conducts live-fire training

Air-defense brigade conducts maneuver training

China, Pakistan conduct joint border patrol

Military flag of Chinese PLA Rocket Force makes debuts

In Pics: New-type landing craft air cushion in landing training

East China Sea Fleet conducts live-fire training

Stride 2016•Zhurihe B exercise wraps up

Aviation regiment conducts flight training in rain

China's 24th naval escort fleet holds training en route to Gulf of Aden

Aviation division executes flight training

Airborne regiment conducts live-fire training

Travel a long way to participate in "Stride-2016•Zhurihe C" military drill

Minesweepers conduct drill

Artillery brigade conducts live-fire training

Armed Police Force conducts "Guardian-16• Kunlun" anti-terrorism drill in Xinjiang

In depth: Frontier defense troops in Hajar sentry post

Destroyer flotilla conducts maritime exercise

International Army Games 2016 concludes in Moscow

Measuring up

Chinese troops contribute to UN peacekeeping mission in S. Sudan

Missile regiment conducts air-defense exercise in NW China

Anti-aircraft artillery regiment conducts live-fire training

24th Chinese naval escort taskforce leaves for mission

J-11 fighter jets in air battle drill

In Pics: Jianying-2016 military skills competition

HQ-7B air defense missile systems in realistic training

U.S. destroyer Benfold visits Qingdao

Chinese airborne troops won first stage of "Airborne Platoon" contest

China wins its last individual race of "Suvorov Attack" Int'l contest

China wins runner-up in Open Water competition in Russia

Chinese Type 96A Main Battle Tanks participate in "Tank Biathlon" competition

North China Sea Fleet conducts live-fire training

Airborne regiment conducts parachute training

In Pics: Firepower-2016 Qingtongxia B military exercise

Chinese Military Band of PLA perform show on int'l military music event

East China Sea Fleet conducts realistic training

Border defense regiment conducts live-fire training

Missile division conducts live-fire training

Reception held to celebrate 89th anniv of founding of PLA in HK

Chinese navy holds live-ammunition drill in East China Sea

Chinese fleet participating in RIMPAC celebrates China's Army Day

Garrison in Macao holds reception for 89th anniv. of PLA founding

Airborne regiment conducts airborne combat training

Artillery regiment of airborne troops conducts live-fire training

J-11 fighter jets execute combat training

In pictures: Honor guards of PLA

Local residents show gratitude to soldiers in E China

Welcome back, daddy!

Chinese students receive military training

China's embassy in Myanmar marks 89th anniv. of PLA establishment

2,400 soldiers dispatched to N China for disaster relief

Chinese Embassy to Pakistan celebrates PLA founding anniversary

J-11 fighter jets conduct air combat training in South China Sea

WZ-10 attack helicopters conduct maritime flight training

President Xi Jinping inspects headquarters of PLA Army

Surface-to-air missile troops execute live-fire training

Self-propelled howitzers in live-fire training

Artillery regiment conducts realistic training

Army aviation regiment conducts flight training

PLZ45 self-propelled howitzers to participate in "Firepower-2015 Qingtongxia B"

Navy frogmen execute training in South China Sea

Airborne regiment conducts confrontation exercise

Air force drill held in SW China

Funeral for Chinese UN peacekeeper held in E China

Armed police officers have group wedding in Weizhou Island, south China

Bone ash of Chinese UN peacekeeper buried in Chengdu

Airborne troops execute live-fire training

J-11 fighter jets conduct live-fire training in South China Sea

Funeral ceremony of Chinese UN peacekeepers held in China's Henan

Chinese and U.S. navies conduct joint anti-piracy exercise

Mechanized infantry brigade conducts bridge-building training

Artillery brigade conducts live-fire training in desert area

Ceremony held for returning of two Chinese UN peacekeepers' bodies

Hometown people mourn two Chinese UN peacekeepers killed in S. Sudan

"Stride 2016•Zhurihe A" exercise enters position attack phase

Chinese warships conduct blockade and interception drill near Hawaii

HQ-7B short-range air defense missile system in confrontation drill

Remains of two Chinese UN peacekeepers leave for home

Chinese submarine rescue ship conducts exercise near Hawaii

Q-5 ground attack jets execute maneuver training

Chinese DM holds welcoming ceremony for Lao counterpart in Beijing

Lao DM voices support for China on S. China Sea

PLA Air Force conducts combat air patrol in South China Sea

“Stride 2016•Zhurihe A”military drill kicks off

Aerial photos of flood-fighting soldiers in Hubei

Chinese warships conduct small boat operations training near Hawaii

In pics: Large-scale army drill kicks off in N China

Injured peacekeeping soldiers return home from South Sudan

Two seriously injured Chinese peacekeepers airlifted to Beijing for operations

Coffin of Chinese UN peacekeeper arrives in Uganda

China commissions two new naval comprehensive supply ships

China, Russia complete "Cooperation -2016" joint anti-terrorism drill

Marines conduct air defense exercise

WZ-19 attack helicopters execute maritime flight training

Army regiment conducts live-fire training

Marines conduct amphibious beach assault training in South China Sea

J-11 fighter jets in flight training

PCL-09 truck-mounted howitzers in live-fire training

Chinese fleet leaves Pearl Harbor for RIMPAC exercise 2016

Marine Corps conducts live-fire training

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