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PLA Daily: Denial of impressing "comfort women" disgraces Japan itself

(Source: China Military Online)   2014-10-24

  BEIJING, October 24 (ChinaMil) -- Politicians who have no conscience and are too bigoted will inevitably disgrace themselves and become international laughingstocks. Unfortunately, Yoshihide Suga, chief cabinet secretary and the No.2 figure of the Japanese cabinet, is one of such politicians.

  When answering questions at the Upper House of Japanese Parliament on October 21, Yoshihide Suga said publicly that there is a big problem with the “Kono Statement” which admits that Japan had impressed "comfort women", and that the Japanese government denies the impressments of “comfort women”.

  His remark immediately sparked an outcry in the international community. The public does not feel strange to Abe Regime's attempt to deny the issue of "comfort women", but this is the first time for a high official to stand out and overturn the "Kono Statement" on behalf of the government.

  Japan's impressments of "comfort women" can be proved by irrefutable evidences and are undeniable, Hua Chunying, spokeswoman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, rebuked his statement.

  Before hard facts, all denials are feeble and futile, and are against human conscience, morality and justice.

  On August 4, 1993, Yohei Kono, the then chief cabinet secretary of Japan, admitted publicly on behalf of the Japanese government that the Japanese authority and the military were directly involved in setting up "comfort stations" and capturing and plundering "comfort women" during World War II, and he expressed apology and remorse for this.

  At the press conference that followed, Yohei Kono made it clear that the fact of impressing "comfort women" existed.

  Many politicians are extremely discontent with Yohei Kono's statement. The reason Yoshihide Suga denied "comfort women" on October 21 is that the so-called "national reputation and trust" must be restored. After all, impressing "comfort women" is a dishonorable conduct.

  In the face of the widespread criticism from the international community, Yoshihide Suga argued on October 22 that the Japanese government's position in inheriting the "Kono Statement" remains unchanged; it only denies the existence of the conduct of "impressments".

  A politician's subtilty and hypocrisy are evident here. Whatever denials he makes and whatever word games he plays, there is only one result for Yoshihide Suga who challenges the international righteousness: bringing disgrace on his own head.

  The "comfort women" impressed by the Japanese army during the World War II included not only a large number of women from China and Korean Peninsula, but also many women from western countries such as Britain and Netherlands. The inhuman sexual abuse and torture against them just make one's hair stand on end.

  Even some countries that maintain good relations with Japan have taken an unambiguous stance in this issue due to human conscience, morality and justice.

  For example, the Dutch Lower House of Parliament unanimously adopted a resolution on November 20, 2007, requesting Japan to apologize for its impressments of "comfort women" during the World War II and to compensate the surviving victims.

  On November 28 in the same year, the Canadian House of Representatives passed a bill, requesting Japan to make a "formal and sincere" apology for the issue of "comfort women".

  On December 23, the European Parliament also passed a resolution, requesting the Japanese government to make an apology and compensation for the issue of "comfort women".

  On June 26 of the next year, the United States House of Representatives passed a resolution, urging Japan to apologize for its impressments of "comfort women"...

  Yoshihide Suga's attempt to render the "Kono Statement" invalid and thus restore the "national reputation and trust" by denying "impressments" will definitely defeat his own purpose.

  The more Japan denies, the more public attention will be drawn to the issue of "comfort women", and the more angry people will get at the Japanese politicians' lack of conscience, morality and justice, which will make it impossible to rebuild Japan's reputation, and further damage Japan's international image instead.

  By Liu Hong

Editor:Dong Zhaohui
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