International community must forge synergy to fight against terrorism

Source: China Military OnlineEditor: Yao Jianing
2015-12-04 16:28

BEIJING, December 4 (ChinaMil) -- Air strikes launched by Russia in Syria, terrorist attacks in Paris and Mali ...In recent days, terrorism-related news has become a stir of nerves of the international community. There have been increasing voices to strengthen international cooperation in the fight against terrorism.

Looking back on the anti-terrorism efforts of the international community in the past decade, one fact has been repeatedly proved: the international community must forge synergy to fight against terrorism. The international community must be committed to tackling the roots and solving the problem. There should be no double standards.

Terrorism is a challenge faced by all countries in the world. The fight against terrorism is the obligation of the government of every country. Any undifferentiated violent means and terrorist acts against civilians must be firmly opposed.

Just a few days before the terrorist attacks in Paris, a car bomb in the Syrian capital Damascus took dozens of lives. In the face of terrorist attacks, regardless of nationality, race, religion and wealth, everyone is a victim.

The "Islamic State" did not come from nowhere. This organization was once almost unknown. But during years of the Syrian civil war, the identity of this organization shifted several times from the "rebel against the tyranny" in the eyes of the West to "warrior for freedom and democracy" and finally they became the extremists. The organization eventually grew into the "cancer" in the Middle East.

Admittedly, the current resurgence of terrorism in the Middle East has a complex historic, religious and ethnic background. But the policy of double standards on anti-terrorism upheld by Western countries undoubtedly provides a space for the development of extremist forces.

Anti-terrorism should not serve as a political tool for national interests and ideology. Anti-terrorism cannot be used as an excuse to interfere in the internal affairs of sovereign states. Terrorists cannot be viewed as "freedom fighters."

Selfish indulgence, pursuit of short-term interests and differentiated treatment on anti-terrorism out of political concerns will only encourage the arrogance of terrorists. Terrorists benefit from the so-called "game" but ultimately, human society, innocent people will bear the harm.

In the fight against the "Islamic State", the U.S. leads the formation of a broad international coalition. However, in the choice of allies, the U.S. only cares about its own interests.

In response, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated that "double standards on the issue of anti-terrorism in Iraq and Syria are unacceptable."

Although the U.S. military has released many "substantial" results, media reports have shown that the frequency of operation and intensity of air strikes are far less than that in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Contrary to the results of air strikes by the U.S. and its allies, Russia’s air strikes in Syria has changed the local battlefield situation. Russia just started the air strike less than two months ago.

Counter-terrorism requires the international united front and a unified standard too. It also requires in-depth cooperation in security, military, intelligence and other areas. If such experienced countries are not willing to share resources on counter-terrorism, it is difficult to form an effective counter-terrorism network.

The international community must forge synergy to fight against the unprecedented challenge of terrorism. During the process, there is a test of the wisdom and vision of all countries on how to coordinate the positions, build consensus and pay attention to the interest of the whole.

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