U.S. media pay attention to China's new armed drone helicopters

Source: China Military OnlineEditor: Zhang Tao
2016-03-23 18:29

The Sky Saker H300, seen here in Dubai, is China's first helicopter UCAV. Being cheaper and easier to use then larger UCAVs like the Reaper and CH-4, it could become a battalion and company level UCAV for on demand air strikes. (popsci.com)

BEIJING, March 23 ( ChinaMil) -- "China's armed CH-3 and CH-4 drones have recently made international news, being used by nations that range from Iraq to Nigeria."According to an article named China Has A New Armed Drone Helicopter from American "Popular Science" on March 21, 2016.

"And now NORINCO, one of China's leading defense contractors, is getting in on the international drone export game, showing off a new armed drone helicopter". The article said that "unveiled at the International Exhibition of National Security and Resilience in Dubai, NORINCO's Sky Saker is a coaxial rotor, 100-200kg helicopter UCAV."

"The Sky Saker H300's cameras include electro-optical and infrared systems, along with laser target designators. In addition to surveillance and fire control, the Sky Saker H300 can provide midcourse corrections for guided munitions launched by other platforms, such as cruise missiles from H-6K bombers."

The article also said that the "the Sky Saker H300's ground control station is likely to be networked to a wider array of Chinese military systems for integrated fire effect, which would make it not only a valuable asset for counterinsurgency and urban combat, but also for wider missions like hunting enemy small ships."

"The Sky Saker has two missile launch tubes mounted on the fuselage sides; given that those missiles are fire and forget, they are likely a version of the HJ-10 anti-tank missiles, which already arms the Z-10 attack helicopters, or even smaller 16kg TL-2 missiles."

The American experts said that "just as Chinese conventional drones like the CH-4 have already made their mark in Middle Eastern conflict, the H-300 could soon see even more export and combat opportunities. Smaller, cheaper and with vertical takeoff capabilities that make it ideal for operating in urban and austere environments like jungles, this little robot helicopter would herald a new phase in the proliferation of armed robots."

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