PLA Daily: Chinese military believes in reason, not fallacy

Source: China Military OnlineEditor: Zhang Tao
2016-07-14 22:45

BEIJING, July 14 (ChinaMil) -- With careful disguising, the so-called "final award" of South China Sea arbitration unilaterally initiated by the Philippines finally came out. Without any surprise, the illegal award was a sheer political farce.

By completely disregarding the law and basic facts, the temporary arbitral tribunal turned all the illegal claims made by the Aquino III administration into the award, calling black white and confusing right and wrong.

But facts are facts. The so-called award was just a useless and meaningless piece of paper that will in no way change the iron-clad fact that South China Sea Islands are Chinese territory since ancient times.

Sovereignty brooks no infringement and justice no blasphemy.

"China's territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests in the South China Sea will under no circumstance be affected by the so-called ruling on South China Sea arbitration unilaterally initiated by the Philippines. China will not accept any claim or action based on the ruling." President Xi spoke for all Chinese people when making these remarks.

Historical and legal facts speak louder than sophistry. Any attempt by any force to derogate or deny China's territorial sovereignty and maritime rights is bound to fail. History and truth are not to be arbitrated.

This was a farce initiated by a greedy country, planned and plotted by an insidious one and prodded by those with ulterior motives. From forming the arbitral tribunal by force to the "tailored" arbitration award for the Philippines, the phantom of a big power outside the region has been there every step of the arbitration.

The South China Sea was originally a peaceful region, but the interference of out-of-region power has made waves there. Before the award was announced, certain country was flexing muscles in the region blatantly to root for the arbitration initiator, and after the award was announced, it formed a clique, made a so-called statement and tried to threaten and intimidate China into accepting and executing the award.

Such a wild dream would never come true. The arbitration was a far-fetched drama both procedurally and legally, and the arbitral tribunal's verification of so-called evidences and facts was full of loopholes. Chinese people will never accept the award, nor will anyone in the world who upholds justice.

But we must stay alert that the South China Sea arbitration was a political conspiracy cloaked in law and a trap dug by certain countries for China.

They made a big fuss over the void piece of paper, cried thief themselves, smeared China at will and tried to force upon it a number of accusations such as "rule breaker", "status quo disrupter" and "military expander". They want to make bigger waves in the South China Sea and disrupt the peace and stability in Asia Pacific, behind which the deep strategic intention is to curb China's development and slow down its steps forward.

China never wishes to make trouble, but it's not afraid of trouble either.

Having experienced over a hundred years of sufferings and evolved from a poor and weak nation to the world's second largest economy today, China knows only too well how precious peace is and how hard reform and opening up is. But peace and development are out of the question if the nation has no sovereignty or dignity.

China doesn't agree to the outdated logic that "a strong country is bound to seek hegemony", and it will adhere to the path of peaceful development and never seek aggression or expansion. In the meantime, China won't eat humble pie in face of provocations, much less allow any infringement upon its sovereignty, security and development interests.

The Chinese nation loves peace, and Chinese military is an important force of maintaining regional and world peace. Chinese people and military believe in reason, not fallacy; they listen to reason, but don't submit to bullying; and they don't threaten with force or flex muscles at other's gate every other day. Muscle flexing is no sign of power and it cannot scare anyone.

As the theme song of Chinese movie Battle on Shangganling Mountain goes, "we welcome friends with good wine; we treat enemies and beasts with shotgun." China put this philosophy into practice in history, and we strongly advise relevant countries to give up the mindset of power politics and hegemony on the South China Sea issue.

Historical lessons are not that far way.

The new China didn't bow to power or hegemony at its weakest moment. Now the rising China is more resolved to defend its own interests.

Certain countries should be fully aware that no matter how many tricks they play, whatever actions they take, they won't change the fact that South China Sea Islands and adjacent waters all belong to China, or stop China's steps to become stronger, let alone shake Chinese military's resolve and will to staunchly defend national sovereignty and security.

The great rejuvenation of Chinese nation is an unstoppable historical trend that won't be diverted by the will of any individual country or person.

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