PLA Daily: Trump-Putin meeting may not bring US-Russia relations back to normal
Even if the outcome of the meeting can be successfully implemented, it will not fundamentally erase the differences between the United States and Russia.
07-18 16:27:01
PLA drill in East China Sea 'tailored for Taiwan separatists'
China's PLA will conduct a live-fire military drill in the East China Sea from Wednesday to Monday in an area that is similar in size to the island of Taiwan, a move analysts believe will send a strong warning to Taiwan separatists.
07-18 08:22:25
Why is Japan so eager to take part in NATO summit?
The NATO summit is set to begin on Wednesday in Brussels. The news that the Japanese government will establish a representative office to NATO in Brussels attracted much attention before the summit.
07-13 10:26:56
China-Pakistan security cooperation can support progress of economic corridor
China supports Pakistan's efforts in fighting terrorism and is willing to provide appropriate assistance.
07-16 17:15:11
PLA Daily: Russia changes geopolitical situation via S-400 sale
The S-400 sales have not only provided Russia a huge financial gain, but also played an important role in helping Russia to improve the diplomatic situation and expand its strategic space after the Ukraine crisis.
07-12 16:08:15
New chapter opens in China-Arab friendship
China-Arab relations have a long history. The Silk Road connected China and the Arab world in ancient times.
07-12 08:33:52
As NATO's JAP Strategy targets Russia, Trump-Putin summit useless
With the goal of containing China, Trump hopes to promote reconciliation between the US and Russia. But the Trump-Putin summit can hardly solve their lack of mutual trust. After all, the US and other Western countries have deceived Russia too many times.
07-11 08:45:53
Chinese military ‘closely monitored’ US warships sailing through Taiwan Straits: expert
A US Navy official confirmed that two US warships passed through the Taiwan Straits between Saturday and Sunday. Chinese experts told the Global Times that the PLA had most likely monitored their movements closely.
07-09 09:04:10
Joint Air Power Strategy unveils NATO’s current concern
The document acknowledges that the NATO Air Power may no longer have air superiority in complex environments, and also emphasizes the establishment of cyber force combat capabilities.
07-09 17:05:29
UN expects more involvement from China’s base in Djibouti: representative
The UN representative in Djibouti has expressed confidence that the Chinese Navy's logistics base in Djibouti could further engage with regional humanitarian efforts, with Chinese experts saying the country's advanced weapons.
07-11 08:33:21
South China Sea not a proper place for Japan to game with China
Japan should restrain itself in cooperating with the United States’ South China Sea operations and take full into consideration China’s feelings. The South China Sea isn’t the proper place for it to game with China.
07-06 10:54:13
What's next after US Forces Korea moves to new base?
The ROK media commented the USFK's southward "relocation" began a new chapter in America's military presence in the ROK, although many issues remaining unsolved.
07-06 19:46:50
PLA Daily: Why does Donald Trump pay particular attention to “Space Force”?
If Trump’s idea of building a space force works out, the status of the US space power will increase significantly and the speed to build the country’s space combat capability will be fully accelerated.
07-09 10:59:55
PLA Daily: Mattis's visit promotes China-US military relationship
If the two sides take this opportunity to stay in communication and expand cooperation, the China-US relations will be promoted in a healthy and stable manner.
07-04 16:19:57
US makes risky military moves with Taiwan
The Trump administration is now taking the initiative and does not dare to break its promise of a one China policy. Yet in face of the enhancing military relations between the US and Taiwan, Beijing should be vigilant and warn them against brinksmanship.
07-03 22:45:00
Should China follow the US to build "Space Force"?
China never wishes to point the space sword to others, but it should have the capability and means to fend off this sword. It would be a misfortune for all human beings if nearly 1.4 billion people were under the threat of space security.
07-03 10:40:30