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ROK must realize only talks can make DPRK see value of peace
The onus is on Washington and Seoul to change the situation; they should have faith in negotiation, as it is the only way the DPRK can be made to see the necessity and importance of peace. Using war rhetoric and taking provocative actions will lead us nowhere.
03-24 07:31:40
Scholar: Ways to bring China-Japan relations back to right track
The tensions between China and Japan are largely the result of the US strategy of differentiating China-Japan relations. The US is always reluctant to see an intimate China-Japan relationship.
03-23 17:07:41
Little time left to solve Korean Peninsula nuclear issue peacefully
The DPRK announced on March 19 that they had conducted a successful ground test of a new type of high-thrust rocket engine the previous day.
03-22 23:15:09
Abe's South China Sea meddling doomed to fail
Currently on a four-nation tour of Europe, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is seeking the support of European countries in his bid to get the South China Sea disputes on the agenda for the G7 summit, to be held in Italy in May.
03-22 07:39:03
Civil sector can boost PLA's modernization
China has to break the institutional barriers blocking military-civilian integrated development, especially in the scientific and technological fields, to facilitate the convergence of strong scientific and technological forces for the development of the PLA.
03-21 07:32:26
Japan's denial of history a sign of cowardice
The Nanjing Massacre, the war crimes of mass murder and mass rape committed by Japanese troops against the residents of China's Nanjing City during the Second Sino-Japanese War, is a historical event widely recognized by the international community with countless evidences.
03-20 16:41:04
Professionals needed to boost exports of aircraft
Civil aviation authorities should increase the number of trained airworthiness certification professionals to help boost exports of Chinese aircraft, according to an industry insider.
03-18 21:47:15
US policy on DPRK shouldn't go further
If Washington is only stepping up the sanction and threat, that's like squeezing the last drop of water from an already tightly wrung towel. That's no way to correct a mistake.
03-17 17:37:50
China must draw red line for Japan's activities in South China Sea
"China must be fully prepared to fight back and draw a clear red line for Japan's activities in the South China Sea", expert said.
03-15 17:06:37
Lower defence budget reflects confidence
Will a 7 percent budget increase affect the PLA's capacity building? Yes, but in a limited way. Thanks to the PLA's strenuous modernization efforts and China's sustained investment in its defense industry over the decades, the PLA has been able to advance by leaps and bounds.
03-14 17:21:54
Rear Admiral: China won't stop aircraft carrier development
"China's aircraft carrier isn't a 'paper tiger', but will play a significant role in safeguarding its maritime rights and interests, " Rear Adm. Yin Zhuo said in a recent TV interview.
03-10 16:29:21
China's second aircraft carrier in shape as navy sets ambitious goals
The building of China's second aircraft carrier is in good shape as the hull blocks have been joined in the dock, said a senior navy official.
03-10 08:54:42
Scholar: South Korea gets more losses than gains from THAAD
The defensive deterrence can only be strengthened, not weakened. Any foreign country's attempt to harm China's legitimate security will not only threaten China, but also damage regional and global stability and go counter to the efforts for denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula.
03-09 15:54:10
Western media expose themselves by hyping China's defense budget
Those who rack their brains to find faults with China for its defense budget are barking up the wrong tree. Instead, they should expose the intentions of the countries that have wittingly or otherwise worsened China's security environment.
03-09 09:44:13
China's strategic weapons must target THAAD system in ROK
The ROK has started deploying the THAAD system as soon as launchers arrived, with relevant forces and remaining equipment to be delivered in one or two months, according to reports from ROK and the United States on March 7.
03-08 17:50:19
Seoul's THAAD gamble to rock regional security
As Seoul quickens its steps to set up a U.S. missile defense system, conservative political elements in South Korea are putting the vital security interests of the country and the region at risk for their own gains.
03-08 14:29:44