Seeking "absolute advantage" can't overcome realistic dilemma
With the deeply-rooted maritime hegemonic thinking, the US is facing more and more contradictions between the “great ambition” of seeking the naval expansion and the relative national strength decline.
11-21 18:46:38
First floating test range strengthens India's missile tests
India completes its first Floating Test Range, a platform for launching and observing prototype missiles. What are the new highlights of the technical performance of the FTR? And what have been the strategic considerations of India to conduct research and development of FTR and carry out anti-ballistic missile test?
11-20 17:37:24
NATO in plight also plays the card of "China threat"?
While making full preparations to deal with challenges, China should strengthen the communication with NATO, reduce misunderstanding and misjudgment, enlarge common interests and seek a way of win-win cooperation.
11-20 13:07:22
Close China-US military ties key to regional and world peace
As two great military powers interact, a peaceful and harmonious bilateral defense relationship will make both winners, while a confrontational one will make both losers.
11-20 13:46:19
As China and US try to iron out military differences, challenges remain
The face-to-face meeting between Chinese State Councilor and Defense Minister Wei Fenghe and US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper on Monday morning in Thai capital Bangkok was necessary now more than ever.
11-19 13:49:22
Chinese military could deploy blockchain management
The Chinese military could adopt blockchain technology to manage personnel data, boost training and mission performances, and provide soldiers with earned tokens that could be used to collect rewards, a move that experts said could give more immediate incentives to military personnel compared to previous reward systems.
11-19 07:42:05
Military hints behind tens of thousands of US satellites' wrapping-up of earth
Is the Starlink program only intended to provide satellite network services for the world? What will so many satellites do to the space? Today Senior Colonel Shao Yongling, a professor at the PLA Rocket Force Commanding Academy, will help us answer these questions.
11-18 20:11:52
China and the US should prepare for an era of 'co-opetition'
The rapid downward slide of China-US relations has exceeded everyone's expectations.The challenge for the future of China-US relations lies in whether the two can find ways to coexist in the same international system and resolve their differences.
11-15 10:38:13
US senior officials visit ROK in turn to save GSOMIA
Several US government and military high-ranking officials have visited ROK since November 13th to save the ROK-Japan General Security of Military Information Agreement that will be invalid soon.
11-14 17:24:30
Unrest in Bolivia with the US manipulation behind the scenes
The resignation of Morales has rendered Bolivia a temporary "anarchy" state, but this is by no means the final outcome, and may be the beginning of new unrest. The situation in Bolivia will remain unstable in the short term, which willmingle with other Latin American countries in chaos, making the political situation in chaos in Latin American even more complicated and confusing.
11-13 17:49:03
Norwegian perspectives on international cooperation in the Arctic
To deal with the challenges and to take advantage of the opportunities in the Arctic, Norway continues to believe in effective multilateral cooperation within the framework of international and national law and well-established governance structures.
11-14 09:44:06
Confrontation with NATO escalates as Russian submarines surge into the Atlantic
Submarine is the backbone of the Russian Navy. Located in a high and cold region where the conditions are severe for the operation of surface vessels, Russia always considered submarine as a priority in its naval development, which could stay deep down in water and be insusceptible to climate. Most of its marine combat systems were built around nuclear submarines and became a “Sword of Damocles” hanging over the NATO.
11-13 17:37:59
Where is Yemen headed amid turbulent situation?
The Yemeni government and the Southern Transitional Council signed the "Riyadh Agreement" in Saudi capital Riyadh on November 5. In Yu Guoqing's opinion, the agreement has some positive effects on the Yemeni situation, but its execution is still questionable.
11-12 17:28:57
Russia to throw weight behind China's concept of BRICS+
The 11th BRICS Summit in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, is approaching, but we can guess what will be discussed among leaders from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. They are expected to offer their ideas on upholding the multipolar world order and challenge Western dominance and ideology.
11-13 08:23:30
China to create world-class air force
The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force will gradually get more J-20 stealth fighters and Y-20 large transport aircraft, as well as the H-20 bomber in the near future to meet the goal of becoming a world-class force, experts predicted, as the service celebrated its 70th founding anniversary on Monday.
11-12 08:22:47
PLA Air Force indispensable to security
The People's Liberation Army Air Force will celebrate its 70th anniversary on Monday. Steeled by the Korean War (1950-53) and later air defense operations, and supported by the growing national strength and, most importantly, generations of personnel's efforts, the PLA Air Force has become a powerful force safeguarding national and international security.
11-09 00:28:07