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Restraint crucial for peace in S.China Sea
China and Vietnam must avoid disputes spiraling out of control. History has shown that a showdown between two socialist countries will be particularly catastrophic as both have a strong ability to mobilize the public.
06-23 10:43:52
Global Times:Sino-US ties must avoid NK nuke trap
US President Donald Trump tweeted Wednesday that "While I greatly appreciate the efforts of President Xi & China to help with North Korea, it has not worked out. At least I know China tried!"
06-22 09:17:32
A more loyal PLA rebuffs the heresy of separating the Party and military
Loyalty to the Party and honesty are the three primary conditions for delegates, according to the PLA Daily.
06-20 08:38:34
Chinese Navy commander meets with US Pacific Fleet commander
Anyway, no one can describe the meeting between Shen Jinlong and Swift with words like "provocative attitude" and "tough response" this time.
06-21 16:27:37
US patrols in name of freedom of navigation unapproved
If US warships continue to patrol the waters off the Nansha Islands under the garb of "freedom of navigation", China will have to firmly safeguard its sovereignty and security, including fortifying its territorial waters in the South China Sea.
06-16 17:18:39
China's military build-up for defense purposes
The US has no reason to worry about China's growing military strength since China has no intention of starting a war with any country, but that China will continue to develop its military and the US and its allies should get used to it, a retired PLA rear admiral said.
06-15 10:18:05
U.S. should abandon antagonistic thinking to keep up with the times
As U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis fabricated a "great power competition" in which China and Russia are challenging the U.S. dominance, it shows that an antagonistic thinking is still driving the world's sole superpower.
06-14 17:44:46
Pentagon Report is a familiar old song
The framework and structure of the report are no different from those in previous years, full of clichés in exaggeration and criticism about China's normal military development. The way of thinking behind also carried forward the arrogance and prejudice as ever.
06-08 17:06:44
US has no cause to be adversarial with China
Since, as the report concedes, China's "military modernization program has become more focused on supporting missions beyond China's periphery, including power projection, sea lane security, counter piracy, peacekeeping, and humanitarian assistance/disaster relief", there is a question to be answered: Why is China considered a potential adversary?
06-07 21:41:15
On guard against Japan's intelligence war against China
The Japanese are not only highly sensitive about intelligence, but are also powerful in intelligence analysis.
06-06 17:33:22
China's new ramjet engine to enhance firing range of missiles, combat ability of J20
China has successfully tested its solid-fuel variable flow ramjet engine in two recent airspace experiments, a breakthrough in the engine research fields which could enhance real combat ability of China's stealth aircraft including the J20 jet fighters, according to military experts.
06-06 09:30:31
Dialogue and accommodation will ensure peace and stability
The challenges of the times, not least the global threat of terrorism, mean that a zero-sum mentality is outdated and countries should instead work together to expand their cooperation.
06-05 18:47:52
OBOR boosts Nepal-China relations
After the successful conclusion of the 10-day long first-ever joint military exercise (April 16-April 25), Nepal-China relations have expanded from the political, economic, cultural to defense cooperation.
06-05 18:45:36
Balanced dialogue needed at Shangri-La
The Shangri-La Dialogue seems to have been the place where the US can demonstrate the strength of its alliance system and where some members can express their arrogance in civilized tones.
06-05 10:28:35
US' Asia strategy 'unclear'
The US Asia-Pacific strategy remains unclear after the much-anticipated speech by Defense Secretary James Mattis at the 16th Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore, analysts said.
06-05 09:50:28
Nuclear dangers in the Asia-Pacific region
When it comes to nuclear threats in the Asia-Pacific region, China faces the most daunting nuclear environment. The nuclear problem that China faces is not only confined to the DPRK's nuclear program, but also includes the deployment of other strategic offensive and defensive capabilities that could damage the strategic stability among major nuclear-weapon states.
06-04 18:31:38