Experts: It's of little effect for US to gang up allies and stir up the South China Sea
The South China Sea issue should be solved by parties concerned through consultation, and countries outside the region, including the US, have no right to intervene, nor should incite other countries to do so. Otherwise, such behaviors will only make the situation of the region more severe and complicated.
05-20 21:09:13
China is happy to see improved US and Russia relations
Beijing is truly happy to see the improvement of U.S.-Russia relations and we are very confident when we say this.
05-16 17:52:44
Can the US drive a wedge between Russia and China?
It's true that Beijing would like to see better relations between the US and Russia. We are very confident when we say this.
05-17 08:51:07
The U.S. cannot afford war against Iran, but it likes to play intimidation
We believe that the U.S. attitude towards Iran is strongly upsetting Pyongyang, leaving the latter to think about the reason why the U.S. constantly waves its military fists to Iran and now even plans to send 120,000 troops to the Middle East.
05-15 17:41:36
Taiwan Act weakens China-US mutual trust
The US House of Representatives on May 7 passed the Taiwan Assurance Act of 2019 and House Resolution 273 which reaffirmed the US commitment to the island of Taiwan and the implementation of the Taiwan Relations Act.
05-14 08:47:15
Taiwan Assurance Act only further erodes U.S. credibility and legitimacy
As the overall China-U.S. relationship is being tested in unprecedented ways, the recent passage of the Taiwan Assurance Act by the House of Representatives only serves to further strain this relationship while also threatening regional peace and stability.
05-13 09:49:16
U.S. official's "clash of civilizations" worldview rejected as misleading, harmful
The recent public invoking of "clash of civilizations" worldview by a high-ranking U.S. diplomat failed to capture the essence of U.S.-China relations and should raise concerns, U.S. experts told Xinhua.
05-13 09:59:17
Behind the renewed fighting in Libya
The Libyan National Army (LNA), a military force in the east of the country, advanced on the capital Tripoli on April 4 and had heavy fighting against the Armed Forces of the Government of National Accord (GNA). This round of conflict has deteriorated the situation in Libya, and it is inseparable from the competition and game of external forces.
05-10 16:12:45
Taiwan issue no limit U.S. can push
The United States House of Representatives passed the "Taiwan Assurance Act of 2019" and House Resolution 273 reaffirming America's commitment to Taiwan and the implementation of the Taiwan Relations Act Tuesday. China firmly opposes these actions by the United States. American politicians must be clear that any move aimed at containing China using the Taiwan issue will reach a dead end.
05-10 10:54:18
U.S. move on Taiwan question puts China-U.S. ties in jeopardy
Washington's recent move on the Taiwan question has muscled in on China's sovereignty and internal affairs, and put the bilateral relations in jeopardy.
05-09 23:44:05
A "report" that deliberately distorts the facts
The Chinese side hopes the US will abandon its Cold War mentality and the outdated concept of zero-sum game, objectively and rationally view China’s strategic intentions and national defense development, stop issuing such irresponsible “reports” year after year, and instead make contributions to improving military-to-military and state-to-state relations between China and the US, not the other way round.
05-09 17:34:33
Taiwan question brooks no external interference
The Taiwan question is a matter of the Chinese themselves, and it should be decided by the Chinese themselves. It brooks no external interference.
05-09 08:29:44
U.S. disseminates false information about PLA dominance
U.S. bitterness towards China is progressively sharpening. Every other month, it releases a Beijing-targeted report about growing threats from China, its trade or human rights practices, or any other issue that could blight Chinese national integrity.
05-09 14:53:04
US firms won't strengthen Taiwan military: expert
According to the website of the island leader's office, Tsai met with a defense industry delegation from the US-Taiwan Business Council (USTBC) on Monday.
05-08 08:46:38
The US's wrong-headed decision to pull out of the nuclear arms treaty
The INF treaty is, in nature, bilateral rather than multilateral. It was a deal between the world's two largest military powers to avoid an endless arms race.
05-07 14:11:37
Commentary: 'No Intervention' is the best choice
Recently, the US Department of Defense (DoD) has released the 2019 China military power report, and continued to exaggerate and smear China’s military activities.
05-06 17:53:11