Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula requires joint efforts from all parties
Expert thinks only when the relevant parties make timely political decisions, avoid the inherent vicious circles, and further consolidate and expand the existing efforts, can the process of political settlement on the Korean Peninsula issue become sustainable and irreversible.
09-21 11:10:09
No one should underestimate China's determination to uphold peace in South China Sea: Chinese ambassador
Chinese Ambassador to Britain Liu Xiaoming on Wednesday said that the freedom of navigation in the South China Sea has never been a problem, warning that no one should underestimate China's determination to uphold peace and stability in the region.
09-21 09:12:49
New Z-10ME helicopter ready for business: analyst
Photographs of apparently modified Z-10 helicopters are trending on online military forums, prompting a Chinese analyst on Thursday to note the Z-10 is a cost-effective piece of military equipment with great potential to be sold on the global arms market.
09-21 08:54:03
PLA Daily: Bear history in mind and defend peace with action
This year marks the 40th anniversary of the signing of the Chinese-Japanese Treaty of Peace and Friendship. We still remember the beginning of the bloody battles and suffering 87 years ago, and also the hopes of the two peoples for the future when the treaty was signed 40 years ago.
09-18 18:31:50
'No military solution' to peninsula
A senior Chinese envoy said Monday that there is no military solution to denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, and confrontation is a "dead end".
09-19 08:26:05
US in one-sided Cold War with China, Russia
The world has been undergoing dramatic changes as the US has soured its relations with both China and Russia, and wielded trade war stick against not only China, but US allies.
09-20 15:30:33
"Vostok-2018" exercise highlights close China-Russia relations in military cooperation
Russia ran the "Vostok-2018" strategic military exercise from September 11 to 17 and Chinese military's participation has helped it catch wide attention.
09-17 17:43:14
The West should reflect on why China joins Russian military exercise
Russia's largest strategic military exercise after the Cold War—"Vostok 2018"— kicked off on September 11, and more than 3,000 troops and large quantities of military hardware from the Chinese PLA took part in the drills.
09-13 17:06:45
Milestone: Far East becomes mature fulcrum of China-Russia strategic cooperation
The Far East has all the favorable advantages and benefits for more economic cooperation between China and Russia. Cooperation in this region also tests the mutual trust and patience of the two countries.
09-13 16:58:32
Peacekeeping should follow principles of UN Charter: Chinese envoy
UN peacekeeping operations must follow the principles and purposes of the UN Charter and the basic principles governing such operations, a Chinese envoy said Wednesday.
09-13 08:41:36
Vostok-2018 starts, China's participation attracts world attention
The reason why this exercise has attracted so much attention is that it is "the largest military exercise since the 'Exercise Zapad-1981' of the Soviet era".
09-12 14:44:37
Expert: China should take tougher actions against UK vessel illegally entering into its territorial waters
The HMS Albion of the British Royal Navy illegally sailed into the territorial waters off China's Xisha Islands on August 31. Expert thinks the Chinese Navy has made proper response, but it could take tougher actions against the UK vessel.
09-07 16:54:05
US-India 2+2 ministerial dialogue has greater symbolic meaning than actual impact
The inaugural US-India 2+2 dialogue of defense and foreign affairs ministers was held on September 6 in New Delhi, capital of India.
09-07 16:40:22
Japan is moving further away from defense-only postwar strategy
The annual defense white papers Japan has released in recent years have delivered the same message: the security situation in the neighborhood is severe.
09-03 10:36:25
Commentary: Chinese investment brings Africa hope, not trap
Claims that China's investment in Africa is creating a debt crisis are misleading and false.
09-02 23:26:09
PLA Daily: It's the time for Japan to change its security concept
The right approach for Japan to seek for its surrounding security should start with the right mind-set, understand their own history, recognize its neighboring countries’ development, and grasp the emergent trends in our rapid changing times.
08-31 17:54:15