Originalities in Russian Tsentr-2019 exercise
Tsentr-2019 exercise is regarded as the summering presentation of Russian military training and reform achievements in this year.
09-20 20:31:00
US is accelerating a new round of military transformation (II)
America's military transformation will further stimulate the international military competition that has appeared in recent years and increase the risk of a new arms race.
09-20 17:30:35
US is accelerating a new round of military transformation (I)
Military transformation is one of the important guarantees for the US to maintain its military superiority after the Cold War. According to RAND Corporation, military transformation refers to profound changes in the military field. These changes are neither fast nor simple improvements of military equipment, but emphasize the overall transformation of the military field and the long process of its evolution.
09-19 17:29:17
Never forget national humiliation left by "Sept. 18 Incident"
On the evening of Sept. 18, 1931, Japanese troops started a plotted bombardment of Chinese barracks near Shenyang on a false pretext, which marked the beginning of the bloody invasion of the northeast and then the rest of China by imperialist Japan that lasted 14 years.
09-19 08:55:16
No end in sight for Taiwan's 'diplomatic crises'
The government of the Solomon Islands has voted to cut "diplomatic ties" with the island of Taiwan and switch to Beijing, media reported on Monday.
09-19 09:01:01
US speeds up to seek "space dominance"
Washington’s eager steps to launch a military race in the space and seek space dominance is an important approach of seeking absolute military superiority under the influence of Trump’s “America first” concept.
09-18 16:54:20
What's worth seeing about China-Russia "Tsentr-2019" exercise?
After ten months of preparations, the week-long Tsentr(Center)-2019 multinational joint command-and-staff military exercise led by the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation officially commenced on Monday.
09-18 16:25:25
Tsentr-2019 in Russia requires high level of military capacities and coordination among participants
On Monday, the long-awaited six-day Tsentr-2019 strategic exercise officially kicked off in Russia, with as many as 128,000 officers and soldiers involved. The Chinese side has sent about 1,600 officers and soldiers to take part in the exercise. What are the characteristics of this large-scale exercise? What will the Chinese participating troops achieve from it?
09-17 17:07:01
Japan promotes military industry overseas via DSEI
Japan will host the DSEI, the world's largest defense equipment exposition, on November 18 for the first time. Relevant insider said that several overseas enterprises have expressed their intentions to buy defense equipment from Japan.
09-17 17:30:24
Could the Turkey-US joint patrol in safe zone ensure real safety?
Recently, the armed forces of Turkey and the US conducted the first joint ground patrol in the safe zone in northeastern Syria, involving four Turkish and American helicopters.
09-17 13:00:20
US vessel breaks into Xisha Islands again, becoming PLA's best training partner
On September 13, the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Wayne E. Meyer (DDG 108) illegally sailed into China's territorial waters off the Xisha Islands in the South China Sea under the name of so-called "freedom of navigation" for the second time in a half-month period.
09-16 17:18:25
US hawks' 'China threat' paranoia knows no bounds
Hawks in the US have found a convenient pretext to push the "China threat" propaganda in the garb of the Hong Kong protests. By ramping up anti-China hysteria, they are trying to tar the country's name closer to a momentous occasion — the 70th anniversary of the founding of China.
09-16 08:29:56
China can play more active role in mediating Japan-South Korea spat
The brewing spat between Japan and South Korea after Seoul's withdrawal from the General Security of Military Information Agreement marks a new low in Seoul-Tokyo relations. What's driving Seoul's decision to withdraw from the pact? Will it cast a shadow on the US alliance system in East Asia?
09-16 08:46:45
Bolton getting himself fired is not so unexpected
John Bolton, appointed as US National Security Adviser since April 2018 and also known as a "war maniac", was "fired" by US President Donald Trump this Tuesday. Since Bolton is the third National Security Adviser of President Trump to resign during his presidency, the incident has raised high attention from the outside world.
09-12 17:48:22
China, Russia benefit from good neighborliness, win-win cooperation
China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination has continued to deepen, and the fruitful results of pragmatic cooperation have increasingly benefited the two countries and their peoples, Chinese Ambassador to Russia Li Hui has said.
09-12 09:22:09
Why Germany openly picked a quarrel against US over NATO military spending?
Europe wants to control its own destiny. This intention is beyond reproach; after all no one wants to be a slave at others' service. It is natural for Europe to have such an intention.
09-11 17:37:21