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Beijing MAC proactive in bettering ecological environment of north China


PLA Daily 2005-04-01   

  In April 2001, in order to implement the strategic decision made by the Central Military Commission, which required the armed forces to participate in and support the development in western regions of China, the Beijing Military Area Command (MAC) enacted and issued the Ecological Construction Project of the Beijing Military Area Command in the 10th Five-year Plan Period. Over the past four years, the military area command has dispatched a total of over two million persons/times, 76,000 vehicles and equipment and changed 2.55 million mu of sandlot into forests or grasslands, gaining good ecological and social benefits.

  In the year of 2002, the military area command invested over 1.2 million yuan, mobilized 540, 000 troops/times and 16,000 vehicles and machines to start the ecological construction project in full gear. Next year, the Environmental Protection and Afforestation Committee of the PLA held an on-the-spot afforestation mobilization meeting in an artillery shooting range of the Beijing MAC. After the meeting, the military area command invested over 2.6 million yuan, mobilized 670, 000 troops/times and 12, 000 vehicles/times to accomplish the task of the year with flying colors.

  Over the past four years, all the units of the military area command have launched one upsurge after another to improve the ecological environment within a vast region of north China from the Taihang Mountain in the south to the Hulunbuir Grass in the north and from Alxa in the west to the Yanshan Mountain and the Bohai Sea in the east.

  Huangyangtan, the locality of an artillery shooting range, is 90 km away from Beijing and is one of the sources of sandstorms hitting Beijing. In order to improve the ecological environment there, the Beijing MAC has invested 500, 000 persons/times, millions of yuan of fund to plant trees and grow grass totalling75,000 mu. The forest coverage has increased from 0.08% at the beginning of building the shooting range to the present 62.5%. A coordinated tactics-drilling base of the military area command and a drilling base of a unit have invested large amount of manpower and material to afforestation. Now the barren hills and wastelands in the past have taken on a new green look and the forest and grass survival rate reached 90% and above. The Hongshan Military Horse Ranch has adopted such comprehensive harnessing measures as enclosing pastures where herding horse is forbidden, while growing trees and grass on these pastures to recover the deteriorated grassland. The National Afforestation Committee and the Environmental Protection and Afforestation Committee of the PLA have named the Hongshan Military Horse Ranch as the “Demonstration Base in Ecological Construction” of the state and the army.

  The troops of the Beijing MAC has established 100 obligatory afforestation bases and a batch of demonstration bases with the Daqingshan Tree-planting Base in the Inner Mongolia Military Command as the representative. The Beijing MAC is striving to basically accomplish the major tasks of the “Ecological Project” by the end of the next year.

  By Liu Jianjun and Li Zhenshan

  (Apr. 01, PLA Daily)