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Kylin Operating System of superior performance developed


  At the national scientific and technological conference held early this year, the Kylin Operating System, developed by the National University of Defense Technology, was designated as the document processing operating system for the conference, which indicates that the basic software products, developed independently by China, can now replace the foreign products. Not long ago, Kylin was listed as one of the " Top 10 Scientific and Technological Progresses News of Higher Learning Institutes in China in 2005.

  For a long time, foreign products monopolized China's computer operating system market as China lacked of independent R & D in software industry. This resulted in the control of China's software industry by others, which had affected other related IT industries. Thus, it is a top priority task for China to develop the operating system of high performance with proprietary intellectual property rights in order to enhance its national information security.

  In 2001, the central government decided to assign the mission of developing an operating system with independent intellectual property right, a major special project of the state's "863 Hi-tech Program", to the Computer Science Institute of the National University of Defense Technology. Upon receiving the mission, the institute swiftly organized a strong scientific and technological task group to brave difficulties and hardships and make bold innovations. Eventually, the group succeeded in making breakthroughs in a series of core technologies and developed the first 64-bit operating system with high security level (B2 class)-the Kylin server operating system. The system is not only compatible with the mainstream operating systems in the world, but also supports several multiple microprocessors and computers of different structures. In addition, the system is also the first operating system without Linux kernel that has obtained Linux global standard authentification by the international Free Standards Group (FSG).

  The successful development of the Kylin server operating system has broken the monopoly of China's IT infrastructure by foreign products, solved the problem of lacking of core technologies in software industry, improved the overall national security level of IT infrastructure. Thus the successful development of the Kylin server operating system is of strategic importance for China to improve its national software system with proprietary intellectual property rights, and to speed up independent informationization drive.

  By Wang Wowen and Chen Ming

  (Feb.14, PLA Daily)