☆ Chinese mainland makes statement against Chen Shui-bian's scrapping of unification council, guidelines       ☆ Army urged to be prepared for carrying out military missions       ☆ 169 Taliban commanders surrender to gov't in Afghanistan: official       ☆ Italy to complete troops withdrawal from Iraq by end of 2006: Berlusconi       
Shenzhou VI
China—Russia Joint Military Exercises
60th Anniversary of Victory in War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression
Great Voyages Peace Envoy
Taiwan Party Leaders Visit Mainland
Anti-Secession Law
NPC & CPPCC Sessions 2005
China's National Defense in 2004
Thirty-six Military Strategists of PLA
Marking 100th Anniversary of Deng Xiaoping's Birth
PLA Hong Kong Garrison
Six-party Talks
Taiwan Question
Mao Zedong:Great Forever
Foreign Servicemen Visiting China
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Military English Learning
China's Peacekeeping
Iraqi War
About PLA
Chinese Armed Forces
Today in History
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 Weekly Review
Hu Jintao slashes "Taiwan independence" attempt
Top legislator pledges further parliamentary exchanges with Hungary
Top leaders call for better, cheaper medical services for people
Chinese health workers urged to learn from top science prize winner
Wen calls for building corruption free govt
President Hu vows to promote Sino-German ties


      In light of the requirement of future operations, an artillery regiment of the Nanjing Military Area Command took its troops to an unfamiliar complex area to conduct hard and strict training on Feb. 28, so as to enhance the mobile combat capability of the troops.

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Beijing 8/-4
Harbin -2/-13
Changchun -4/-13
Shenyang -6/-18
Tianjin 4/-4
Huhhot -3/-9
Urumqi -2/-11
Yinchuan 6/-5
Xining 6/-8
Lanzhou 10/0
Xi'an 8/0
Lhasa 17/0
Chengdu 9/3
Chongqing 11/7
Guiyang 5/4
Kunming 11/6
Taiyuan 8/-6
Shijiazhuang 8/0
Jinan 3/-1
Zhengzhou 9/-2
Hefei 7/0
Nanjing 6/-2
Shanghai 6/0
Wuhan 8/2
Changsha 7/3
Nanchang 8/1
Hangzhou 6/0
Fuzhou 13/5
Taipei 15/11
Nanning 14/9


Hu Jintao
Guo Boxiong
Cao Gangchuan
Xu Caihou
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