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Liaoning contingent accomplishes security work for horticultural expo


  On the morining of Oct. 31, the 180-odd-day-long "China Shenyang International Horticultural Exposition 2006" solemnly closed at the Qipanshan Resort, Shenyang. During the exposition period, the Armed Police Liaoning Contingent dispatched more than 20,000 person/times to perform security tasks and guard duties, and give guidance to 3.5 million visitors. It also did more than 270 good deeds, such as helping find the children who got lost at the exposition.

  In order to do a better job of security work for the exposition, the Armed Police Liaoning Contingent carried out education among its officers and men focusing specifically on the security work of the exposition, and made efforts to enhance the duty-performing personnel's capabilities in handling various situations. During the execution of various duties, the leaders at various levels of the contingent swiftly made scientific readjustment as required by the circumstances, while the officers and men performed their duties in a civilized way, thus their actions have drawn favorable comments from Chinese and foreign visitors.

  By Sun Zhenbiao

  (Nov 2, PLA Daily)