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Getting ready for space flight tomorrow--"Heroic astronaut team" makes preparations for manned spaceflight 2005-05-26

An astronaut in preparation for the "Shenzhou VI" is receiving flight procedure training in a simulator.

An astronaut is receiving electrode physiological training.

Astronauts are learning to distinguish animal and plant samples on the ground.

Astronauts are comparing notes with scientific workers on simulator training.

Overweight training


  In the on-going education of maintaining the advanced nature of the Party members, members of the "Heroic astronaut team" are making preparations for the manned spaceflight mission of the "Shenzhou VI" with great enthusiasm.

  The "Shenzhen VI" manned spaceship scheduled for launching in the second half of this year will be operated by two astronauts and fly for several days. At the same time, space technology tests will also be conducted in the orbit module. This no doubt is a very complex space technology and poses higher requirements for the astronauts. Overweight endurance training and the high-intensity micro-gravity physiological adaptation training conducted for the first time are the biggest challenges to the ultimate limit of the astronauts. The successive five-days-and-nights of space simulation training with the -6°low-head flat lying position is the biggest challenge to the will and perseverance of the astronauts. Yang Liwei, Zhai Zhigang and Nie Haisheng, who participated in the earlier intensified training for the manned spaceflight of the "Shenzhou V" and are experienced in this kind of training, are not only training very hard themselves and trying to get good scores, but also eager to pass their experience on to the other astronauts without any reservations. All the astronauts are of the view that they will regard the training for the mission of the "Shenzhou VI" spaceship as an examination for maintaining the advanced nature of the Party members and are determined to present the motherland and people with outstanding scores.

  By Yang Yongzhen, Qin Xian'an and Jiang Zhishun

  (May 26, PLA Daily)

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