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Bian Yunlv--No. 1 warrior on Ecuadorian warship 2009-03-16

Bian Yunlv poses to take a photo with captain of Guayas.

  From August 23 to September 17, 2008, Bian Yunlv, the junior navigating officer of the No.139 Warship of the PLA Navy participated in the sail navigation of the "Osaka-Pusan-Shanghai" leg with Guayas, a sail training ship of the Ecuadorian Navy.

  The Guayas warship is a sail training ship for the cadets to conduct navigation trainings, and the training contents mainly include setting sail and reefing sail.

  During the long sailing of 1,650 sea miles in 25 days and nights, Bian Yunlv successfully accomplished the reefing training mission for 5 times under complicated sea conditions. And each time he was at the most dangerous "5th mast", therefore, he was dubbed as the "No.1 warrior" by his foreign fellowmen.

  When Bian Yunlv was about to leave the warship after accomplishing the mission on September 17, he was stopped by somebody: "Our captain asks you to sign your name and we will engrave it on the warship permanently."

  (Mar. 16, PLA Daily)                                               Editor: Fan Aifeng

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