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The Langya Mountain Battle

PLA Daily 2005-08-01

  The Langya Mountain sits in Yixian County, Hebei Province, about 50km to the northwest of Baoding City, and was the eastern gateway of the Shanxi-Chaha'er-Hebei Revolutionary Base. In Sept. 1941, the Japanese aggressors concentrated 70,000 men to launch a massive mopping-up operation against the revolutionary base whose main force had been ordered to cover the withdrawal of the leading organs of the military region, leaving behind only the Seventh Company of the First Regiment of the 1st Military Sub-Command in the base to defend the position.

  On the early morning of Sept. 25, about 2,000 Japanese invaders initiated an attack against the Langya Mountain. The task assigned to the Seventh Company by the commander of the 1st Regiment was to hold the ground till 12 o'clock noontime, then disengage from the enemy and catch up with the main force. The Seventh Company took cover at the mountainside, waiting for the enemies to get closer, and then suddenly opened fire at the enemies.

  The Japanese aggressors thought they met the main force of the Eighth Route Army, and were at their hammers and tongs in attacking them. Several engagements with the enemy had inflicted quite heavy casualties on the Seventh Company, even the company commander himself was seriously wounded. It was decided that the political instructor would evacuate first with the wounded, and the task of holding the position was left to the Sixth Squad which in fact had only 5 people left, namely Ma Baoyu, the squad leader, Ge Zhenlin, the deputy squad leader, and three soldiers: Hu Delin, Hu Fucai and Song Xueyi. In order to win more time for the leading organs of the Party and government as well as the masses to move to a farther and safer area, they acted on their own accord to lure the enemy to them and retreated to a cliff. They beat back four attacks by the enemy in a row by taking the advantage of their favorable strategic position. When all the ammunitions were run out, they resolutely destroyed their rifles and jumped over the cliff. Ma Baoyu, Hu Delin and Hu Fucai got killed and died a heroic death. Ge Zhenlin and Song Xueyi were caught by trees, but broke their lumbars. The two of them were saved by their comrades-in-arms and later rejoined their units. Their story became well known throughout the army and the country, and they were honored the Five Heroic Men of the Langya Mountain. They will be soaring high and firm forever as the Langya Mountain.

  July 27, 2005

  (PLA Daily)