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Qiu Shaoyun

The portrait of Qiu Shaioyun

  Qiu Shaoyun was born in Tongliang County, Sichuan Province, in 1931. He joined the PLA in December 1949. Afterwards, he joined the Chinese People's Volunteers and went to Korea for fighting against U.S. aggression in March 1951. During counterattacking the enemy occupied No.391 highland, west to Kimhua, in October 11, 1952, he and other comrades-in-arms of the platoon ambushed by order at the mountain foot that is 60m away from the enemy at night and assisted the main force to assault the enemy. At noon the next day, the enemy threw a firebomb and lit thick growth of grass beside him. Then he could have a roll to avoid burning. But he stuck to the discipline of ambushing in order to veil their position, bearing pain of burning his body and keeping the same gesture until death, thus ensuring the victory of entire battle. The leading body of the Chinese People's Volunteers awarded him posthumously the Special-Class Merit citation on November 6, 1952. His body was buried in the Cemetery of the Volunteers in Shenyang in March 1953. He was posthumously awarded the title of "First-Class Hero of the Chinese People's Volunteers" on June 1, 1953. Besides, he was awarded the title of "Hero of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea", won a Gold-Star Medal and a First-Class Medal of National Flag on June 25. Afterwards, people in Tongliang County, Sichuan Province established a memorial and a cenotaph for martyr Qiu Shaoyun.

  (July 12, PLA Daily)

An oil painting of Qiu Shaoyun

The Monument of Martyr Qiu Shaoyun


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