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China will be a responsible stakeholder in Arctic affairs
At a recent discussion on China's first official Arctic policy paper, Lawson Brigham, a professor of Arctic policy at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, said, "I did find it very interesting that the word 'military' is not mentioned once throughout the document, and that's maybe positive."
02-22 08:25:35
China offers huge opportunities for UK businesses: British minister
China offers huge opportunities for British businesses while the commercial partnership between the UK and China continues to go from strength to strength, Liam Fox, British International Trade Secretary said Wednesday at the China APPG.
02-22 08:32:07
Chinese research ship completes maritime mission in Antarctica
Xiangyanghong 01, China's elite scientific research ship docked at a port in Chile on Wednesday after completing a maritime research mission in the Antarctica, according to First Institute of Oceanography of the State Oceanic Administration.
02-15 17:36:37
World's largest cargo ship test field work begins in S.China Sea
China has begun constructing the world's largest unmanned cargo ship test field in the Wanshan Marine Area in the South China Sea off the coast of the southern city of Zhuhai.
02-14 08:37:26
Two new Chinese-made planes delivered to Nepal
NAC, the national flag carrier of the Himalayan nation, took delivery of all six Chinese-made planes after two new Y-12e planes arrived in Kathmandu on Tuesday.
02-14 08:48:13
China's newest stealth drone takes to the sky for its maiden flight
China’s top aircraft research center on Monday announced the successful test flight of the country’s newest stealth drone, a long-endurance unmanned aircraft that can fly under the radar.
02-13 08:37:17
China launches 2 satellites into spaceChina launches deep-sea subsurface moorings in Antarctic waters
China has launched two sets of deep-sea subsurface moorings in Antarctic waters in an effort to monitor seawater over the long term in a high-tech engineering move that a Chinese expert said would better protect the region.
02-12 21:26:24
Officer's 'white lie' offers hope to bereaved mother
A Shanghai police officer has posed as a mentally ill woman's dead son for five years to protect her from the painful truth.
02-12 11:03:35
China to build the country's first heating nuclear reactor
Chinese energy authorities on Wednesday agreed to conduct research on the feasibility of building the country’s first heating nuclear reactor in an effort to generate reliable winter heating amid China’s reduction of coal consumption.
02-08 20:51:55
Palace Museum pop-up store looks to promote culture
A pop-up store featuring creative souvenirs from the Palace Museum opened in Beijing’s Sanlitun shopping area earlier this week, aiming to promote traditional Chinese culture.
02-05 10:31:08
China launches electromagnetic satellite to study earthquake precursors
China on Friday launched its first seismo-electromagnetic satellite to study seismic precursors, which might help establish a ground-space earthquake monitoring and forecasting network in the future.
02-02 21:57:46
Clean-up efforts continue after oil tanker sinking
Chinese authorities have coordinated efforts to continue clean-up operations in the East China Sea where an Iranian tanker sank more than two weeks ago, officials said Thursday.
02-02 08:29:00
China-aided pilot project of poverty reduction launched in Myanmar
A China-aided pilot project of poverty reduction was launched here on Thursday, with a view to improving the infrastructure of villages and raising the level of public services and self-development capacity in Myanmar.
02-02 08:44:48
China's nuclear power generating capacity to reach 58 million KW by 2020
China's nuclear power development is embracing a period of strategic opportunity, with generating capacity expected to double in the next two decades, Economic Information Daily reported on Jan. 31, quoting the agreement at a recent nuclear investment forum.
02-01 19:57:35
Cyberspace security in China improves in 2017: report
Thanks to the joint efforts by the government and enterprises, China's online population faced fewer cybersecurity problems last year, according to a report about China's internet development released Wednesday.
01-31 17:56:30
Ancient military defense area unearthed in central China
A square that once served as military defense area in ancient China has been unearthed in the central Province of Henan.
01-30 21:43:44