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China urges India to learn lessons from border standoff
The relationship between China and India is not satisfactory in 2017, though it has maintained an overall trend of development, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told his Indian counterpart Sushma Swaraj on Monday.
12-13 00:11:38
China remains a safe place to visit for foreigners
China is seen as one of the safest places in the world for foreign visitors, according to an international security report and anecdotal evidence from tourists, expatriates and overseas students.
12-12 08:23:53
China launches communication satellite for Algeria
China launched Algeria's first communication satellite, Alcomsat-1, into a preset orbit from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in the southwestern province of Sichuan early Monday.
12-11 08:09:24
China asks WTO members to safeguard multilateral trade
China on Saturday encouraged the members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) to safeguard multilateral trade and jointly build an open global economy.
12-11 08:28:40
Ireland introduces Chinese to high school curriculum
On Monday, Ireland officially launched its 10-year language strategy, with Chinese being added to the high school curriculum, marking another instance of "mandarin fever" in Europe.
12-08 21:30:16
SCO countries hold drill targeting cyber-terrorism
Eight Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) countries on Wednesday held an anti-cyber-terrorism joint drill in Xiamen, Fujian Province, southeast China.
12-06 21:28:36
China-UK AI collaboration sees bright future
China-Britain Business Fusion (CBBF) is a London-based consultancy group dedicated to bringing the China-UK AI sector together with a summit in China planned for 2018, following a successful event in London.
12-05 21:48:02
Sino-U.S. energy cooperation forum opens
Over 180 officials, experts and representatives from China and the United States gathered in Changsha, capital of central China's Hunan Province, to explore cooperation in sustainable energy.
12-05 08:20:35
China, U.S. to have more party-to-party exchanges
Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi on Sunday met with Democrat and Republican representatives from the United States, calling for long-term, steady and healthy China-U.S. ties.
12-04 09:20:56
China, Israel discuss cooperation in trade, technology
China and Israel discussed boosting cooperation in fields including trade, technology and e-commerce in a recent official meeting in Jerusalem, a source from China's Ministry of Commerce said on Friday night.
12-04 09:07:33
UN goal of wiping out AIDS by 2030 appears within reach
On World AIDS Day, which falls on December 1, the United Nations is sending out a cheering message -- the goal of wiping out the epidemic by 2030 appears within reach.
12-02 20:14:54
Chinese satellite detects mysterious signals in search for dark matter
China's DAMPE has detected unexpected and mysterious signals in its measurement of high-energy cosmic rays, which might bring scientists a step closer to shedding light on invisible dark matter.
11-30 08:25:15
China vows to deepen bilateral ties with new Zimbabwe gov't
China on Wednesday voiced its support to the new government in Zimbabwe and vowed to deepen traditional bilateral ties with the southern African country.
11-30 08:28:19
China to send 15th medical team to Botswana
The protocol on the 15th Chinese medical team to Botswana was signed here on Tuesday.
11-29 08:17:45
Feature: Chinese sailors remembered 70 years on in Liverpool
Tributes were paid on Monday to 31 Chinese sailors who for 70 years have lain, virtually forgotten, in a cemetery, thousands of kilometers from their homes.
11-28 08:24:58
China, Serbia agree to cement parliamentary exchanges
China and Serbia agreed in Beijing on Monday to boost parliamentary exchanges and share experience in governance, the development of democracy and rule of law.
11-28 08:44:15