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Reform, fighting graft key highlights of tenure

(Source:   2015-03-07


  Two years since the transition, the new leadership, headed by President Xi Jinping has done more than anyone could have imagined or asked for, from tackling corruption, economic restructuring to getting a bigger say on the global stage.

  China's new leadership has been calling the tune for the past 2 years, so far they've been hitting all the right notes.

  "Our people love life. The people's desire for a better life is what we shall fight for. Every bit of happiness in the world is created by hard work." Said Xi Jinping, Chinese President.

  Xi Jinping wants happiness for Chinese people, so he first gets rid of things that make them unhappy and corruption tops them all.

  Xi's anti-corruption campaign has struck fear into China's tigers and flies. Even the powerful ex-security chief wasn't safe. Not even the military is spared. Xu Caihou was the highest level military officer to be investigated since 1949.

  As Xi is cleaning house, he's showing who's in charge. Xi Jinping now heads China's leading groups on the economy, foreign affairs, national security, and military reform.

  "This is historically unprecedented, certainly since 1949, of anti-corruption on such a large scale. They want to create a more transparent and more accountable government." Said professor Xie Tao, Beijing Foreign Studies University.

  China's diplomacy also begins at home. The country just ushered in the Year of the Sheep, but there will be no meek steps for Xi Jinping.

  He proposed a new idea of diplomacy, a new major power relationship. His “one belt one road” all starts from China. But the most difficult challenges of all is the Chinese economy.

  And economically, China is changing gears, from decades of high speed growth to the new normal. Now the focus is on quality, not quantity.

  Experts say it's easier said than done. But in Premier Li Keqiang's words, the Chinese economic train is not stopping .

  "If I could compare the Chinese economy to a running train, this train will not lose speed. On the contrary, it will be powered by a stronger dynamo, and will run with greater steadiness, and bring with it new growth and opportunities." Said Li Keqiang, Chinese Premier.

  The Spring Festival is a time when Chinese people go back to their roots and so did President Xi. This is where he started his life and career.

  And it's also here where he got his name "Xi Dada". Da literally means big in Chinese. For President Xi and his team, how to translate big vision into big action is the big question.

Editor:Zhang Tao
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